Monday, January 31, 2011

The Yellow Letter from Teacher

I got a love letter from Bela’s teacher for a PTC schedule. I got really scared upon seeing the yellow letter as it is the first time for me to receive one so I have to ask my mom to accompany me for the PTC. I was even twitting non stop the day before that to share with my friends my fear as I really don’t know what to expect.

The meeting was held on my birthday, January 19, so I was really hoping that it is nothing serious so it will be the perfect birthday gift for me. According to teacher, the reason why she requested to meet with me is to discuss Bela’s progress in Math as her grades went down a little. Well actually, Bela understands the different concepts but the problem is with her writing as she still can’t write 9, 7, 6 in the correct manner like she writes 9 with the circle facing right, etc. And according to teacher, they expect their students to know how to write the numbers correctly so even if Bela wrote the correct answer, it is still considered wrong as it is not written in the correct manner. Teacher just requested that we practice Bela’s fine motor skills at home to help her develop her writing.

I was really glad that it is really nothing serious and teacher even told us not to pressure Bela so much. I was just smiling after the PTC and I reminded myself that next time, I should not worry too much and I should have more confidence with Bela.

I am sure every mother is just like me. I know that even if Bela is a teenager already and she will start to receive strawberry bouquet from her suitors, I will never stop worrying for her or maybe, the more I will worry for her. LOL.

But I guess no matter how many years fly, she will always be our baby, our princess and as her mom, I will never stop worrying for her. This is one of the ways I express my love for my baby.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Old Friends

I was browsing through Bela’s pictures and I saw her picture with her former classmate from Toddlers Unlimited when we accidentally bumped into them in Rockwell last month.

Tricia was Bela’s classmates in the Jumping Joeys class in Toddlers Unlimited and I was so surprised since they still know each other. Tricia was 3 years old then and Bela was just 2.5 years old when they became classmates so I thought that they will not recognize each other but I was wrong. Look at their pictures, they even had fun posing and playing with the moving animals on display:

I exchange my cell phone number with Tricia’s mom and they are inviting us to come over at their place for a play group. I hope that we can find a free time to do that one of this weekends as I just saw the excitement in their eyes when they saw each other again so I know that they really miss each other.

Jr. Prep's Field Trip

Bela is just so excited and everyday she has a count down on how many more days are left before their field trip.

The Jr. Prep is scheduled to have their field trip on Wednesday, January 26. Only one companion is allowed so I will be the one joining Bela (and I am just happy as this will be our quality time together). They will be visiting:

• Ark Avilon (Bela was asking me if she needs to bring spotting scopes to see the animals. I haven’t been to Ark Avilon but I know it is just a small zoo so I don’t think we will need one. LOL)
• Go Nuts Donuts factory in Laguna
• Fun ranch

I remember there was one time when Bela kept on telling me that she wants to go to Fun Ranch with her friends from school and so now this will be their time to enjoy each other’s company outside school. I am sure all the kids are excited.

I have no plans to bring hubby’s SLR camera so I already borrowed my brother’s Lumix camera so it is light weight and very simple to use. Tomorrow, Bela and I will go shopping for the snacks that she wants to bring for the field trip and it is a go on Wednesday. I just hope that Mr. Sun will not hide from us so the kids can really enjoy the day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Little Fashionable Bela

My Bela is really growing so fast. She is just five years old and she already have a mind of her own. Just like when we went to the mall, she really begged me to get this for her:

This made me realize that I have one fashionable lady in the making. Because of this, I have thought of her when I read about Regency Beauty Institute because I know there is a possibility that she might consider studying in this prestigious beauty school someday.

Regency Beauty Institute is a fastest growing Cosmetology school in the US. From their humble beginnings with just two campuses, they are continuously growing and they now have 80 campuses across nineteen states. They are also known for giving the best hands-on training as their campuses look like up-scale salons.

Aside from giving the best training, they will also help their students look for jobs after training with them as they have connections with salons, spas, cruises and even runways.

If ever Bela decides to study in Regency Beauty Institute in the future, she will definitely get my full support.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 7100 Northland Circle, Suite 312 – Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look & Feel Good Again

Are you one of those woman who is having a hard time loosing those excess body fats even if you tried all the possible ways to loose weight? Or are you a mom who thinks that there is really no way of going back to your pre-pregnancy weight? Well thankfully, there is a way to help women look and feel their best with the help of cosmetic surgeries like liposuction.

But let us face it, liposuction involves surgery and so there is always a risk involve so those who plan to go under the knife should only trust reputable cosmetic surgery centers with their operation like River Medical since they are putting their lives in the line here.

River Medical only have highly trained and well experienced medical staff in their team so patients can be assured that they are in good hands. The testimonials of previous patients in their site just prove how reliable River Medical is. River Medical treats every procedure very seriously and they give all the medical facts and information that patients need to know so they can better decide if they will go with the procedure or not. Plus their medical staffs, and not just their sales team, are always ready to answer any questions to help their patients prepare for the surgery physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thanks to these kinds of medical surgery, women are given a chance to still look and feel good about themselves.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Supplier Ratings: Photographer

Jojo Francisco

Jojo is the husband of a good friend, Alpha. He just started with photography as a hobby and now he is taking it to a whole new level as he is now starting to accept events for his photo services.

He was the one who covered the baptism of my son and we just fell in love with his pictures. He is very artistic and it really shows in the pictures that he took. We are just happy with his service that I booked him also for Bela’s 5th birthday party and Cobi’s 1st birthday.

Just look at some of the pictures that he took for Bela’s 5th birthday and let the pictures speak for itself at home talented Jojo is:


You can really see the emotions in all the pictures. My friends are even in tears when they saw the picture of Bela looking like she is already all grown up.

I highly recommend Jojo. He is a very good, talented, not to mention very very affordable.

Bela, the Photographer

Bela is so much like her dad – her facial looks, her expression, and even her height and built (so I am looking at the site of L Dopa as I learned that it stimulates the natural release of growth hormone so maybe there is a chance that she will still grow tall. LOL). And so now I think that she is really growing up like her dad as she is also showing interest in photography too. Just look at her using her dad’s SLR camera:

She just asked her dad if she can use her dad’s camera and then she started clicking away. Here are some of the pictures that she took:


The SLR camera of Howell is too big for Bela and so now Howell is thinking to get her the Lumix camera if Bela will really show interest in photography as Howell is just proud that somebody is following his footsteps. I like. At least I can borrow Bela’s Lumix camera if her dad will get her one. LOL.

Bela's First Ballet Recital

Before I look for the best appetite suppression, let me make a post first about Bela’s first Ballet Recital as this has been a long overdue post already.

Bela has been joining the ballet club at St. Scholastica since June of 2010 and during their open house, we were informed that they will have a Christmas show. Upon hearing that, I got really excited as I know how much Bela loves to perform.

But joining a recital is no joke as they have to practice since November every Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM so I know how tiring it can get for Bela. But every time I asked her if she is having fun, she will give me a big Yes so I am sure that she is having a grand time.

On the day of the recital, they were asked to come as early as 11 AM even if the show won’t start until 6 PM so they can still practice before the show begins. They will perform scenes from the Nutcracker and she will play the role of the mouse and so I thought that she only have a little part in the show but I was surprised when I saw her appear in different parts of the show and every time the three mice will come out, the crowd will start to chuckle as they are just so cute.


The show has two parts and the second part is their Christmas Carols where they dance to the tune of different Christmas songs. I was so happy and proud when I saw Bela dancing again on stage with the big ballerinas.

The show ended with a curtain call and I was in tears when I saw Bela in front of the stage and is giving the audience a big flying kiss and a bow. I never thought that I will be this emotional to see my big girl perform on stage. I guess all moms are like this.

After the show, we meet Bela on stage and we presented her with a bouquet of flowers and so she feels like a real star.

We went home right after the show as Bela was complaining that she is so tired already and we believed her as she doze off to sleep right away as soon as we are in the car.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick Bela

My bad. I was sick last week and as expected, I passed the virus to my two kids. Bela was the first one who got sick after me. Howell fetched her from school and Howell told me as soon as they arrived that I better check on Bela’s temperature as she is hot and Howell was right as she has low grade fever. She was still active though and so I did not get worried.

Good thing they don’t have class from Thursday to Friday so she was able to rest. Even though she is sick, she is still active and she keeps on playing and jumping. Thankfully we have a home theater system with dvd, so I was able to stop her from playing and make her sit down by playing her favorite DVDs.

Her fever is actually on and off as she will have normal temperature during the day and will shoot up at night. This pattern continues until Saturday and so we decided to bring her to her paediatrician Saturday morning. We were advised that if she will continue to have fever until Sunday, we should bring her back to the hospital for blood test.

I am glad that she is doing ok now – no fever but she still have cough and colds and she was able to go back to school today after being absent for two days. I pray that she will continue to get better soon.

Supplier Ratings: Invites, Tarp and Souvenir Tags

Howell loves to do DIY stuff for his kids’ party and so he is always in charge of the invitation, souvenir tags and tarpaulin. But it has been a very busy month for us and I think Howell only finished the layout in just one sitting, one morning, in just less than one hour. LOL. But look at how it turned out:

Hubby is really artistic so I know whether rush or not, he will be able to come up with something really nice for his princess’ invitation. After doing the layout, he just sent it to our suking printing shop and voila, a very nice invitation for Bela’s Princess party.

For the tarpaulin and souvenir tags, he just used the same layout as the invitation and have it enlarged / reduced. I sent the tarpaulin for printing in the printing store near our place. Their rate is really affordable (I think P15-20 per square feet) and they even offer a print while you wait service so I was able to get the tarpaulin that same day. And for their price, I think the resolution is good enough so I will definitely use them again for our future tarp needs.

Of course, I will give hubby an A++ grade for doing a good job in making Bela’s invitations, tarpaulin and souvenir tags. (Of course, love your own).

Bela's Recent Stint as a Flower Girl

Yesterday, we attended the wedding of our dear friend Jeff and Abe (I love the Bridal Jewelry that the bride is wearing by the way). Hubby took a lot of pictures and I will post it soon but I will have to make a separate post about it as I would like to share here first how proud I am for my Bela who is one of the flower girls for the wedding yesterday.

Bela was really excited when I told her that she will be one of the flower girls for her Ninong Jeff’s wedding. I explained to her what she has to do and we even practice how she will carry the flowers and shower the aisle with the rose petals.

The entourage was asked to be at the hotel by 4:30 PM for the pictorial even though the wedding is still at 7:30 PM so I was kind of worried that Bela might throw tantrums already. But I was wrong as she followed what we thought her when it is finally time for her to walk down the aisle. She led the other younger flower girls too. She was walking so fast at first but my mom was able to whisper to her ear as she walks and so she followed and walked slowly as she showers the aisle with roses.

Before she started walking, she whispered to me “Mom, this is going to be a long way” as she noticed that the aisle was really long. But I told her that it is good because it means the crowd can see her pretty face longer and her dad can take more pictures.

She was really all smiles when she reached the end of the aisle and she was guided by the usherette to her seat. I am sure she really had fun in playing the role of the flower girl. I can’t wait for her next, flower girl stint. LOL.

Monday, January 10, 2011

When she finally becomes a teenager...

I know it is still a long way to go before Bela becomes a teenager. But when she starts complaining about pimples and acne, as what every teenager worries about, I will really remind her that she should be careful with her choices for acne treatment.

I was just browsing the net when I read about Accutane and how it is being linked to serious illnesses like Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and ulcerative colitis which can result in cramping, pain, diarrhea, bleeding, and frequent bowel movements. Imagine, those who have tried this medicine only wants solution for an acne free skin and all they will get in the end are these serious symptoms.

I guess it is normal for moms to worry for the welfare of their kids. But thankfully, there are applications such as Doximity that can help me have peace of mind.

So what is Doximity? Doximity is an application that physicians use to communicate with each other, share information, ask advise, consult each other, check physician’s profile like the profile of Gregory Hester MD, send each other files faster, and more. Because of this application, doctors who are member of this private network will have easy way to communicate with each other so they can help each other perform their job well.

Doximity will indeed lessen the chance for doctors to commit medical mistake, and as a parent that is one thing that can help us be at peace with the welfare of our kids.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

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