Sunday, January 16, 2011

Supplier Ratings: Photographer

Jojo Francisco

Jojo is the husband of a good friend, Alpha. He just started with photography as a hobby and now he is taking it to a whole new level as he is now starting to accept events for his photo services.

He was the one who covered the baptism of my son and we just fell in love with his pictures. He is very artistic and it really shows in the pictures that he took. We are just happy with his service that I booked him also for Bela’s 5th birthday party and Cobi’s 1st birthday.

Just look at some of the pictures that he took for Bela’s 5th birthday and let the pictures speak for itself at home talented Jojo is:


You can really see the emotions in all the pictures. My friends are even in tears when they saw the picture of Bela looking like she is already all grown up.

I highly recommend Jojo. He is a very good, talented, not to mention very very affordable.