Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick Bela

My bad. I was sick last week and as expected, I passed the virus to my two kids. Bela was the first one who got sick after me. Howell fetched her from school and Howell told me as soon as they arrived that I better check on Bela’s temperature as she is hot and Howell was right as she has low grade fever. She was still active though and so I did not get worried.

Good thing they don’t have class from Thursday to Friday so she was able to rest. Even though she is sick, she is still active and she keeps on playing and jumping. Thankfully we have a home theater system with dvd, so I was able to stop her from playing and make her sit down by playing her favorite DVDs.

Her fever is actually on and off as she will have normal temperature during the day and will shoot up at night. This pattern continues until Saturday and so we decided to bring her to her paediatrician Saturday morning. We were advised that if she will continue to have fever until Sunday, we should bring her back to the hospital for blood test.

I am glad that she is doing ok now – no fever but she still have cough and colds and she was able to go back to school today after being absent for two days. I pray that she will continue to get better soon.