Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bela, the Photographer

Bela is so much like her dad – her facial looks, her expression, and even her height and built (so I am looking at the site of L Dopa as I learned that it stimulates the natural release of growth hormone so maybe there is a chance that she will still grow tall. LOL). And so now I think that she is really growing up like her dad as she is also showing interest in photography too. Just look at her using her dad’s SLR camera:

She just asked her dad if she can use her dad’s camera and then she started clicking away. Here are some of the pictures that she took:


The SLR camera of Howell is too big for Bela and so now Howell is thinking to get her the Lumix camera if Bela will really show interest in photography as Howell is just proud that somebody is following his footsteps. I like. At least I can borrow Bela’s Lumix camera if her dad will get her one. LOL.