Monday, January 24, 2011

Jr. Prep's Field Trip

Bela is just so excited and everyday she has a count down on how many more days are left before their field trip.

The Jr. Prep is scheduled to have their field trip on Wednesday, January 26. Only one companion is allowed so I will be the one joining Bela (and I am just happy as this will be our quality time together). They will be visiting:

• Ark Avilon (Bela was asking me if she needs to bring spotting scopes to see the animals. I haven’t been to Ark Avilon but I know it is just a small zoo so I don’t think we will need one. LOL)
• Go Nuts Donuts factory in Laguna
• Fun ranch

I remember there was one time when Bela kept on telling me that she wants to go to Fun Ranch with her friends from school and so now this will be their time to enjoy each other’s company outside school. I am sure all the kids are excited.

I have no plans to bring hubby’s SLR camera so I already borrowed my brother’s Lumix camera so it is light weight and very simple to use. Tomorrow, Bela and I will go shopping for the snacks that she wants to bring for the field trip and it is a go on Wednesday. I just hope that Mr. Sun will not hide from us so the kids can really enjoy the day.


Fun Ranch said...

Hope Bela had an awesome time last Wednesday.:)