Monday, June 30, 2008

We now have Playhouse Disney

Yipee, we are now subscribed to Sky Cable Platinum, which means Bela can now watched Playhouse Disney.

I made a post here before about Bela’s love for the Playhouse Disney channel. But we are only subscribed under the Gold plan which does not include Playhouse Disney. But due to budget constraints, I kept on postponing our plan to upgrade from Gold to Platinum plan.

But since I earned a little extra this month from our cellphone shop, finally, I was able to call Sky Cable last Saturday and they were able to visit us last Sunday to install the Digital box (which is required for the Platinum plan) and in just a couple of minutes, everything was up.

Bela was really happy as she does not have to go to her grand dad’s house to watch Playhouse Disney. But I think, it’s a good investment too since Playhouse Disney really gave good educational shows not like the other cartoon channels which have violent cartoon shows.

So Bela is one happy kid. She is now watching “My friends Tigger and Pooh.” I am letting her finish the show and then it’s her sleeping time already for her.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anecdotal Report

Bela had a great time at her second week of school I was not able to visit her last Friday as I have to work overtime but according to my mom, Bela didn’t have any problem at all adjusting with her new classmates and her new environment.

Here is Bela’s first anecdotal report for this school year:

Toddler’s Unlimited
Anecdotal Report

Child’s Name: Bela
Teacher/s: Maica and Lei
Date: June 20, 2008
Class: Jumping Joeys

We thought you might like to know:

Bela has adjusted well. She can stay on her own and seldom looks for her grand mother.

She loves to line all the animals and pretend they are going to the zoo.

We are looking forward to work, play and learn with Bela this school year.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wireless LAN

Just last night, my sister discovered the capability of her mobile phone to access an internet. She asked the help of one of her classmate to activate the connection on her phone. Lucky for her, the availability of the internet through her mobile phone can now be used easily.

Because of this, she tried to connect on one of the wireless used cisco router that she spotted at her school library. She was then able to browse different sites and I was even able to chat with her online through the yahoo messenger.

When she told me about all these things, I was somehow amazed since I am not so aware with the different features of mobile phones. What matters most to me are the capabilities of my phone to make and receive text messages and phone calls. So I asked her if I can also have an internet access with the use of my mobile phone. She checked my phone to know if my phone does have this feature and yes, it does and then I asked her to teach me on how to use it. She organized my internet connection so I can have an access in some places where computers are not available.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unlock my Phone

Variance styles and features of mobile phones continue to overflow in the market today. One of them is my dream phone that I hope someday will be able to own. In my recent birthday my husband gift filled my heart with so much joy because it was the phone I long dreamed for. The buddy is now right at the palm of my hand.

Little did I know that my happiness was just a short live one and to my great dismay (of course I just kept it to my own and not offend my husband) I found out that the phone was purchased thru a plan basis where only the sim card of the phone provider could make it function making other sim cards like mine invalid. It may not be a big deal if the network of the phone provider dynamically delivers effective communications compared to others but sadly and in reality it is not. My husband will surely be offended if he knew I’m not using my new phone, however if I shifted to it I’m pretty sure it’s the start of my communications dilemma and it made me flummoxed constantly. The best solution for my new phone is to bring it to unlocked phone centers to be able to accommodate various GSM, so while hubby was still in his office I sneaked and have my phone fixed and achieved its functional elegance to meet the strongest demand and help connect for a better world thru excellent communications with various GSM networks.

Party Time

I could say with nary a hint of exaggeration that we were so blessed for having two kids besides being so sweet and loving are both physically and mentally normal and perfectly healthy. And like any other loving parents we are ready and willing to do anything in this world for their safety and happiness. As our son John Paul is about to celebrate his 7th natal day come June 21, to please him, husband and I had agreed to host a shindig birthday party similar to his sister some years back. At 7, add from laughs, smiles and giggles of our child, is a start of trying to make sense out of his baffling world. And so husband and I shared a common belief that 7 is the perfect age for a child to have one of a kind birthday celebration that he would greatly appreciate and left a long blissful memory.

Everything now is set and ready with all the birthday invitations completely distributed. Our son’s great anticipation for his party continues to dazzle him as it comes nearer and nearer and creates a feisty environment for all of us. There’s no doubt in my mind when the defining moment is here he’ll truly enjoy the fun. See you at the party!!!

First Day of School

Today was Bela’s first day at Toddlers Unlimited. I was not able to go with them, but according to my mom, Bela was really excited when she saw her school again. Even Teacher Maica noticed how excited Bela was as she was all smiles when she entered the yellow room.

When paid for her tuition fee last May, they where only two in the Jumping Joeys class. Then when I called last week, they are already four. And today, they are already six in the class. I wanted Bela to have as many classmates as the class can accommodate so as she will learn how to interact and socialize with other kids. That is really the purpose why we enrolled her for play class.

Her class was from 1:30 -3:30 in the afternoon and I get off from work at 4:30 so they fetched me in my office after Bela’s class. When we reached home, Bela was singing and I think those are the songs that they sang at class today, which is really a good sign that she is really having fun at Toddlers Unlimited.

This coming Friday, I will be able to attend her class and I can’t wait to see my daughter at school again.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Security on Wheels

My teenage life was filled with great admiration with cars and until now it continues to pique my interest and fascinates me to no end as I considered it as my second living room. While I respect the fervor of other car owners who spent big amount of money for proper automobile maintenance and buying fashionable accessories to these beautiful masterpieces on wheels to make them look aesthetically gorgeous, I don’t really think it is the best way to determined professional and responsible car owners.

Every time a car is out there on the roads, its vulnerability for every driving animosity could not be guaranteed by the automobile great outlooks or its being a safe car to drive. The only best source that greatly staunch security of every drivers, passengers and even the cars is to have an AUTO INSURANCE policy. Its every ones ticket for whatever indemnities claim that may arise. Although the scope of benefits that entitles every policy holders varies from the amount of premium bought still is a good effort for every one to acknowledge the importance of securing a policy. To shed added amount of cash in returned for a good insurance policy must at all times be the right attitude for everyone to be called responsible car owners. This is the lesson I eruditely discovered from my long amorous and whimsical fantasies with cars.

Magic Pills

After having been happily married for almost six years with two precious kids that are equivalent herald of our family’s happiness, one day I was surprised when accidentally discovered as I stood infront of our mirror that I have gained about 30 to 40 extra pounds and my hot figure before that made my husband frantically crazy and run after me was totally gone. Though still pretty confident that despite of my new outlooks, I’m still so adorable for hubby, nevertheless I did not want to be complacent this time and address deliberately this red alert signal. I started to dial some friends and colleagues and listened to their advices and then we finally agreed and they expressed their overwhelming support for my esoteric passion to shed or get rid of this excess baggage in me.

To keep the weight off completely my affable peers highly recommend pills supplement that present a breakthrough ingredients like CHEAP PHENTERMINE diet pills that is highly perceptible to give 100% satisfaction of acquiring the looks I desired. From the way my peers vouched for the renowned reputation of the diet pills, not even a single iota of doubt came across my mind before I indulged in the use of it. And I don’t know how to put into words my happiness when the magic of this diet pills has worked on me with exhilarating progress as days passed by. The product sensation turned out to become a big cause of my glee and because of its being safe and no known side effects that could damage my health while it took care of my curves as I gear up for my new fresh looks is my mammoth pie for a complete peace of mind.

Meanwhile as of now I temporarily stopped the use of this diet pills, well its because ahh,, ehh, I’m 4 months on the way for our 3rd baby.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Parent’s Orientation at TU

Last Friday was the Parent’s Orientation at the Toddlers Unlimited. Good thing that Howell’s flight is scheduled in the evening so he was able to attend the orientation with me.

They prepared a simulated class where they explained and demonstrated to the parents how they handle each of the class (art, science, math and writing) at Toddlers Unlimited. They even compared it with the traditional method of teaching so I was really able to get a grasp of the advantage of the progressive method.

Then they had a short presentation on their school policies. After the presentation, they allowed the parents to meet the teachers of their kids and they also showed us the room assigned to our daughter.

Teacher Maica and teacher Lei will be Bela’s teacher for the Jumping Joeys class. Teacher Maica was Bela’s teacher during the summer class so I’m sure Bela is already sued to her while Teacher Lei was the teacher when Bela had her trial class. I like both of them as they are both “malambing” to their students that is why Bela did not have a hard time adjusting during her summer class. And I’m pretty sure that Bela will learn a lot from them and that they will really take care of Bela.

Bela’s first day will be on June 11. Currently they are four in the Jumping Joeys class. I will be going there this coming Friday to check on how Bela is doing on her first week. I’m excited already.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Grand Santacruzan @ Intramuros

Last Friday was the Grand Santacruzan held at Intramuros, Manila. It is an annual event organized by the Intramuros Administration together with the Fashion Designers of the Philippines.

My good friend Ate Annie, knows the organizer and had asked me if I want my Bela to be one of the angels for the Santacruzan. Of course, I immediately said yes.

So last Firday, I head straight to Intramuros from work while Howell had to leave early from work so he can take pictures of her dear daughter. The stage lolo and lola brought Bela to Intramuros so Howell and I don’t have to go home to pick her up.

The Santarcuzan will start at Fort Santiago and we were told to be there by 4:00 PM. But the program started around 6:00 PM already. Good thing Bela was still in the mood and she gamely let her lola put on her make up and dress her up.

She was a charmer and she really loves attention. I did not really prepare for this event because I never thought that Bela will really participate. But when we asked her to line up with the other angels, she quickly followed our instruction. She was even smiling and waving her hands like she was really enjoying all the attention. She was one of the smallest angels in the group so the people watching are really so fond of her. She even went up the stage when all the participants of the Santacruzan were being introduced.

Here are some of her pictures.

When we arrived home, I was really tired but I’m really one happy and proud mom.

Rack 'Em All

My life has become even great when I entered the world of being a wife and mother. And as we savor the fruit of our progress and more and more household equipments were filling our house, I find it hard to make a good arrangement for them, due to the limited space available. When my husband bought again new audio equipments it added to my worries and felt frantically perturbed how I could manage to find a good place for it. Just in time I tried a simple approach to explore the internet and so gladly to find that audio racks is the erudite solution to my messy situation. It has complete selections of different and elegantly organized styling essentials to accommodate precious spaces to add distinction and function and keep items at your fingertips with great ease and comfort.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Golden Chance

After the long hard and arduous school life is finally put to rest and completed, my passion and burning desire to strive for my seamless integration into the work force of my chosen field is overwhelming. Back up with my incontrovertible knowledge, skills and esthetic trainings to bolster my credentials, I made pledge to myself to see to it that the company that I’ll join has the best promise of proverbial forks to offer.

Guided by that dream, vision and passion for success I start to weave my destiny in search for my wistful company. I thought it would be a rigid process but it turn out to be a fleeting journey. I owe a debt of gratitude to job search housed at the internet for it provides me great comfort in seeing all the rest and pick the best among the ajar opportunities. The featured relevant information was impeccably arranged and prepared and gave me the luxury and privilege to be acquainted and get a clear view of the company to plunge a successful career.