Sunday, June 08, 2008

Parent’s Orientation at TU

Last Friday was the Parent’s Orientation at the Toddlers Unlimited. Good thing that Howell’s flight is scheduled in the evening so he was able to attend the orientation with me.

They prepared a simulated class where they explained and demonstrated to the parents how they handle each of the class (art, science, math and writing) at Toddlers Unlimited. They even compared it with the traditional method of teaching so I was really able to get a grasp of the advantage of the progressive method.

Then they had a short presentation on their school policies. After the presentation, they allowed the parents to meet the teachers of their kids and they also showed us the room assigned to our daughter.

Teacher Maica and teacher Lei will be Bela’s teacher for the Jumping Joeys class. Teacher Maica was Bela’s teacher during the summer class so I’m sure Bela is already sued to her while Teacher Lei was the teacher when Bela had her trial class. I like both of them as they are both “malambing” to their students that is why Bela did not have a hard time adjusting during her summer class. And I’m pretty sure that Bela will learn a lot from them and that they will really take care of Bela.

Bela’s first day will be on June 11. Currently they are four in the Jumping Joeys class. I will be going there this coming Friday to check on how Bela is doing on her first week. I’m excited already.