Saturday, October 29, 2011

She Continues to Make Us Proud

My kids love watching television especially Bela. Ever since she was months old, she’s very interested with educational movies and I really think that it became very helpful to her because that’s where she was able to enhance her deep vocabulary.

Before, Bela is fond of watching Disney Junior but now, she enjoys educational channel from our digital antenna just like Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel most likely if it’s about her favorite animals. You can see her very focused and scrutinizing every detail that she can hear about animals and you can definitely see her eagerness to learn that at times, you’ll be surprised as she will give you trivia that you’re somehow not familiar to.

Day by day, I’m getting prouder and prouder of my daughter. I am very confident that she’ll do well specifically with her academics. It’s really a good thing that you should monitor all the activities that your kids are engaged to because these will reflect in their performance as they grow.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving to Her Own Room

When Bela was 3 years old, we bought her the 5 Piece Room-in-a-box set, which contains a bed, a toy organizer, and tables and chairs. Now that Bela is already turning 6, she has already outgrown her Disney Princess Toddler bed and so the bed is too small for her already.

Now that she has her own room after we moved to our new home, hubby and I are thinking of getting her a regular bed instead of the usual toddler bed so she will be able to use it longer.

Currently, Bela co-sleeps with us but she is already excited to move to her own room. In fact she has been helping me choose the stuff that we need for her new room like the wall decals, the lamps, and bedding.

Thankfully it is very easy to shop as we can just check online and we both love the Luxury Bedding from The White Company. They have a wide range of options for bedding so I am sure Bela will be able to find one that she likes.

I am actually not ready to let go of my daughter and let her stay in her own room but I guess this will be a good way to train her to be independent.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Job Ate

Last Saturday was the distribution of cards at Bela’s school. Howell attended a seminar so I was the only one who met with Bela’s teacher to discuss her progress in school and to get her card.

I actually know from some of my mommy friends who have daughters in Sr. Prep that they are already using the numerical grading system for the Prep so I was actually excited to see Bela’s progress. And I am so proud and happy after seeing her grades as she really did good.

Good Job Ate. Sa writing pa din sya hirap. Hehe

She only needs more practice for Writing but I actually expected this as I know from the beginning that Writing is her weakness. But according to Mrs. Del Rosario, she can see that Bela is really trying.

Her highest score is Comprehension (she got 98). Her inquisitive nature indeed helped in this area. LOL.

Good Job Ate!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

UN Celebration 2011

Next week will be the United Nations celebration in Bela’s school. Just look at her picture last year when she was still in Junior Prep:

This year, they will be representing the country USA and they were asked to dress as a cowgirl. Good thing Bela has jeans skirt and checkered polo shirt already so I just bought boots and cowboy hat for her.

I attended the meeting at school last October 18 to discuss the UN celebration and they will be having a performance on October 24 (so I better make sure that my sony handycam is ready) and then they will have a Country Fair on October 26 where we will set up Game booths for the kids and a food fair where parents will be bringing food for everybody to share.

On October 27, they will have Peace Treats which is their version of Trick or Treat. Parents are also welcome to attend this activity where kids will go around different offices to get their treats and parents will have a booth where they can also distribute treats to the kids.

I am sure all the Prep students will have fun in the activities lined up for them this October.

Another Trip to the ER

The other night, I had another scare of my life when I saw Bela running and crying and she was holding her arm and kept on saying awie, awie.

Since she has been doing gymnastics, she got so obsessed in doing the cart wheel right that she practice all the time even when at home. I kept on reminding her to do it only when she is at the gym with her coach, but Bela easily gets excited and she just loves gymnastics that she sometimes forget even if I remind her. Her nanny was also not with her as her nanny was attending to something in the kitchen (this is one of the reasons why we wanted to install surveillance cameras at home. Aside from the safety of our kids, we will also be able to monitor how our nannies take care of our kids. Not that I blame my nanny because I know how active and playful Bela is).

When I checked Bela’s left arm, it was a bit swollen already and so we did a cold compress. Just to give me a peace of mind, we still rushed her to the Emergency room where she had an X-ray and an Ortho checked on her also.

Thankfully they did not see any fracture. I just hope and pray that nothing like this will ever happen again.

6th Bday Party Preps Update

Finally, I was able to book already the suppliers that I will need for Bela’s birthday party at Hospicio de San Jose.

We celebrate Bela’s party at Hospicio de San Jose every year but we don’t invite our friends. We go there with our immediate family only and I just order food from Jollibee and bring a magician or host and mascots to entertain the kids.

For Bela’s 6th birthday, we will still have our usual party at Hospicio de San Jose but this time, we will invite her classmates and teachers also to join us. It was only this month that I was able to book the suppliers as I still don’t have the budget yet to pay for the down payment.

But God is really good as I was able to get the money that I was expecting last week and so I was able to finalize my reservation for:

1. Caterer: Princess Delan’s – Instead of ordering food from Jollibee, I decided to get a caterer since I called Hospicio and they don’t have enough tables and chairs for all my guests (I will have 50 kids and about 10 adults from Hospicio and I will have 50 adults and 30 kids from our relatives and Bela’s friends). Thankfully I was able to find a caterer that can work on my budget.
2. Souvenirs: Wooden Kiddie Stools by Jen Gana – I saw their mini baskets and the price is just fit for my budget. I was hesitant at first to order the baskets for the boys but hubby suggested that I asked for the shape to be change to the tool kit of Handy Manny so they can use it to put their toys and other stuff. I can’t wait to see how the mini baskets and tool kit will turn out with the characters from Jake and the Neverland Pirates show as the design.
3. Magician. I am very thankful that Angelette of Jelly Bellies was still able to get me a magician for Bela’s party even if I booked less than 2 months before the party. I am actually not familiar with Bumpy the magician but I trust Angelette’s judgment and Bumpy is highly recommended by her. And for sure, no matter who the magician is, kids will surely have fun as they are very easy to please.
4. Pirate Costume: Since Halloween is near, there are a lot of costumes being sold at SM. Last week, we were able to find a pirate costume for Bela and Cobi that they can wear for the pictorial for the invitation.
5. Invitation: Hubby will have a pictorial with Bela this weekend and hopefully we can order the invitation this weekend of next weekend.

So it is party time on November 19, 2011 at Hospicio de San Jose.