Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving to Her Own Room

When Bela was 3 years old, we bought her the 5 Piece Room-in-a-box set, which contains a bed, a toy organizer, and tables and chairs. Now that Bela is already turning 6, she has already outgrown her Disney Princess Toddler bed and so the bed is too small for her already.

Now that she has her own room after we moved to our new home, hubby and I are thinking of getting her a regular bed instead of the usual toddler bed so she will be able to use it longer.

Currently, Bela co-sleeps with us but she is already excited to move to her own room. In fact she has been helping me choose the stuff that we need for her new room like the wall decals, the lamps, and bedding.

Thankfully it is very easy to shop as we can just check online and we both love the Luxury Bedding from The White Company. They have a wide range of options for bedding so I am sure Bela will be able to find one that she likes.

I am actually not ready to let go of my daughter and let her stay in her own room but I guess this will be a good way to train her to be independent.