Saturday, October 29, 2011

She Continues to Make Us Proud

My kids love watching television especially Bela. Ever since she was months old, she’s very interested with educational movies and I really think that it became very helpful to her because that’s where she was able to enhance her deep vocabulary.

Before, Bela is fond of watching Disney Junior but now, she enjoys educational channel from our digital antenna just like Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel most likely if it’s about her favorite animals. You can see her very focused and scrutinizing every detail that she can hear about animals and you can definitely see her eagerness to learn that at times, you’ll be surprised as she will give you trivia that you’re somehow not familiar to.

Day by day, I’m getting prouder and prouder of my daughter. I am very confident that she’ll do well specifically with her academics. It’s really a good thing that you should monitor all the activities that your kids are engaged to because these will reflect in their performance as they grow.