Friday, December 31, 2010

Supplier Ratings: Loot Bags and Game Prizes

Supplier Ratings: Loot Bags and Game Prizes
168, Divisoria


Getting party giveaways and prizes for a princess themed party was no sweat. I just did a single trip to 168 and I was able to buy dozens and dozens of princess themed items from notepads, to white boards, pens, bags, coin purse, mugs, lunch kits, etc. Name it and Divisoria has it. I even bought everything in three stores only as I have limitless options to get for the souvenirs and game prizes.

I got the loot bags from Divisoria also. I only got it for P50 a piece. The original price is 100 but my husband was so good in haggling that we were able to get it at half the price. Then I just filled it with princess themed notepads, pens, fan, stickers, etc.

For the boys, I got Ben 10 backpacks and we got it for P25 only.

I really love Divisoria. I was able to buy all that I need for the loots bags and game prizes and there is even extras and I was able to stick within my budget.

Supplier Ratings: Party Gown

Supplier Ratings: Party Gown
Prim of Baby Fashionistas


I always count on Prim for Bela’s gown for all her birthday party. That is why when Bela told me that she wants a Princess themed party for her 5th birthday, I knew right away that I will ask Prim to make Bela’s gown again.

Bela was the one who selected this design from Prim’s gallery. I was insisting the pink flowing gown but Bela has a mind of her own already and she did not let me have a say on the design of the gown that she likes (now I am sure I will not have a say on her prom dress when she is already in high school. LOL)

They took Bela’s measurements when we picked up Cobi’s baptism attire and then we just had a fitting after. But the gown fits Bela perfectly so we were able to bring home the gown after the fitting. The gown also comes with a bag and a crown.

Bela was so in love with her gown and she loves it to pieces. She really feels like she is a princess.

Supplier Ratings: Balloon Artist

It’s been several months already after Bela’s birthday but still I am not finish doing the supplier ratings for her party. LOL. So he is another round of my supplier ratings.

Balloon Artist
Eric booked through Jelly Bellies


I have seen how good Eric is when we attended the first birthday party of my inaanak, Dom. Bela was so hooked with his creations that I promised Bela that I will also get him for her birthday (even if I have to get payday advances to afford him. LOL).

So when I started planning for Bela’s 5th birthday, I immediately contacted Angelette to book him and Angelette was so nice as she did not even require a down payment and I can just pay a week after the party.

And he was a sure hit to the kids. Imagine he can make a bike,Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sponge Bob, Little Mermaid, dinosaurs (Bela's favorite), etc. According to Eric there are just two of them here in the Philippines who can make those balloon creations.

We are very happy with his service that I booked him again for Cobi’s 1st birthday party.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Her Christmas Gift and Her Future

My husband and I had a very hard time looking for a gift for our dear Princess. She just celebrated her birthday and so she got lots of toys already so we were really having a hard time looking for the perfect gift for her.

And so we thought, why not buy gold bullion? This will be a good investment for her future. We have been reading the website of United States Gold Bureau where we have learned a lot about gold investment. We learned that gold is a very stable and strong investment as its value is not easily affected by the status of the economy so it is one good way to preserve one’s wealth.

But you know kids. For sure she will still prefer to get a toy for Christmas so we might still get her something from her favorite toy store. But we know that she may not understand it for now, but she will be forever thankful in the future as she will soon discover that we have made a very great investment for her.

Supplier Ratings: Kiddie Salon & Glitter Tattoo

Kiddie Salon and Glitter Tattoo
Arts N’ Faces

I learned of Arts N’ Faces from my good friend Peachy. I got their face painting services during Bela’s 4th birthday party last year and I am happy with their service that is why I availed of their service again for Bela’s 5th birthday party.

They have an ongoing promo when I booked. The package that I got is Premium Salon at P2,500 with free glitter tattoo. I only have to pay additional P500 if I want an extra artist for the glitter tattoo plus P150 transportation allowance for each artist for a total of P3,300.

Ms. Liby, the owner of Arts N’ Faces, is so easy to talk to. I just inquired through text and deposited by down payment and my booking was already confirmed. The two artists were also early at the venue so the kids were able to enjoy the Kiddie Salon and Glitter Tattoo while waiting for the party to start. They also work fast but their finished product was really great.

I will definitely book them again for my future parties.

For Her Favorite Grand Dad

My dad is Bela’s designated driver/nanny during weekdays as my dad volunteered to take Bela to school everyday. No wonder they are so close as they are together everyday and that makes her a certified lolo’s girl.

That is why for Christmas, Bela wanted to get her grand dad something as her special gift. I was able to buy nice polos for my dad already but Bela insisted that she should have her own gift for her favorite grand father.

Thankfully I can order Swisher Sweets cigars online. It is just a few days before Christmas and I still have work (in fact I am working until the 24th of December) so I am sure I will not have time to go to the mall to do more shopping. But thanks to online shopping, I was able to finish my Christmas shopping list. I am just waiting for my items to be delivered and Bela and I will do the wrapping of the gifts tomorrow night.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Enough with Bags. It is Time for Gold

Bela, upon seeing my new bag:

Bela: “Is your bag new mom?”
Me: “Yes.”
Bela: “Why do you need lots of bags?”

I did not know how to answer her and I just laugh upon hearing her question. But at least she is aware that too much is not good and that we should learn how to save up for our future. That is why after hearing Bela question me about my bag addiction, it really made me think and so I started checking the site of United States Gold Bureau as I am now considering to buy gold bullion as an investment.

They say that designer bags are an investment too as I can sell it in the future if I want to but I know that its value is depreciated already. Unlike gold whose value will not depreciate over time and so it is really a good way to preserve one’s wealth.

I had enough bags already for 2010 and so it is time for me to start saving up and make some real investments for the future of our kids.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Little Performer

Last Friday was the Christmas Party in Howell’s office where spouses and their kids are invited to join.

The kids were asked to come in costume and since I got really busy, I was not able to prepare a costume for Bela for this party. Thankfully I can rely on SM for last minute shopping and I found nice tutus and so I thought that Bela will be a Snow fairy. So I bought her an all white costume: white tutu, white top, white wings and white headpiece. Unfortunately, I did not find a costume for Cobi (bad mommy) and so I just bought a reindeer headpiece that he can wear during the party.

Of course the stage daddy can’t wait to show off the talent of her little girl and so they have a part in the program where they rendered a song number again. I was one proud mommy as I was taking this video and I was a bit sentimental that I was on the verge of tears as I watch Bela. It made me realize that it is time for me to read about skin care product reviews as I am not getting any younger as Bela grows up so fast.

But I am happy though whit how Bela turned up as she is really confident in front of a crowd just like her dad which goes to show that she is one smart little girl (of course, you should love your own. LOL).

Supplier Ratings: Magician

Magician: Amazing Arnold
Booked through Jelly Bellies


I booked the magician through Jelly Bellies four months before Bela’s party. Luckily, Angelette of Jelly Bellies was able to give me a number of options for the magician and I was choosing between Alex Lagula and Amazing Arnold.

I actually wanted to book Alex Lagula first as I heard a lot of good feedbacks about him and his package offers a complete show: magic show, hosting, and balloon twisting. But Bela requested to have ventriloquism and Amazing Arnold is the one who has that trick and so he was the one that I booked.

I actually saw him perform already as he was the magician during the first birthday party of my sister in law’s son and he is actually good. His magic tricks are not the usual magic tricks and he even has illusions. I was not able to watch him though during Bela’s party but my guests said that they really enjoyed his show and judging from the pictures, the kids and even the adults had fun watching him.


As I posted on my other blog, we are considering buying the house and lot of hubby’s officemate. We actually made our decision already and we can’t wait to move in to our new house by mid 2011.

Bela and hubby went there last week to give the seller the earnest money and Bela was just so ecstatic upon seeing the house. Hubby was even laughing as Bela was already making plans already on where she will put her shoes, her toys, her pet museum and she kept on talking to the house owner that she wants to stay in a big room that is color pink.

But just like Bela, hubby was already picturing what he can do with the house. In fact he already knows what type of Quoizel lighting he will use to liven up the mood of the house. He also designated already which rooms goes to who and on where he will put his toy collection.

As for me, I am just happy that the master’s bedroom has a walk in closet as what I always dreamed of having.

We will get the result of our housing loan application this week so please pray for us that hopefully we can have our wish come true.

My Flower Girl

I was looking for bridesmaid dresses to look for inspiration for the cocktail dress that I need for the wedding that we will be attending this January and I suddenly remembered that Bela will be one of the flower girls for that wedding.

I got really excited as Bela was just three years old, I think, when she last became a flower girl. Now she is more aware of what’s happening around her and she loves to dress up in gowns so I am sure she will be really excited to be a flower girl again. We are still waiting though for the schedule of her gown fitting and we can’t wait to see the final design of the gowns for the flower girls.

The groom was a good friend from college and he is the last single guy in our group so everybody is really excited for this wedding.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Supplier Ratings: Cake

The cake supplier was my last supplier to book as it took me a while to find a supplier who:

• is affordable
• can deliver the cake to the venue or has a pick up point that is near our place or the venue
• I think can execute the design that I like well

If not for the recommendation of my sister-in-law, I would not have discovered Sugar Dots (Maybe if she only has a website and she uses one way link then she would have a good positioning in search engines like Google, then I would have found this supplier easily).

I saw her Facebook page and saw this Candyland cake creation of hers:

And I fell in love with it. I told her that I want something like this but instead, the theme will revolve around princess and tea cup party as that is the theme of the party. I was thinking that there will be a princess topper, just like the cake above, and then the details will include tea cup.

And this is her creation for Bela’s cake:

What I like:
• the cake is actually unique, as what my host was saying
• Me-anne, my cake supplier, really took time to put details on the cake. The tea cups even looks like it has a tea inside and I think me-anne used jellies to make it
• The cake is all edible so we were able to give out everything to our relatives and friends after the party

What I would have wanted:

• I would have like it more if she created a cake just like the Candyland cake that I like and just use the tea cups and the tea pot as the details of the cake and not as the central theme or highlight of the cake design as I wanted to emphasize the theme “Princess” rather than “Tea Party”
• Me-anne did not send me drawings of the cake designs before she actually does it and you will just see the design upon pick up. If only I have seen the layout then maybe, I could have emphasized to her the layout or design that I like.