Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Little Performer

Last Friday was the Christmas Party in Howell’s office where spouses and their kids are invited to join.

The kids were asked to come in costume and since I got really busy, I was not able to prepare a costume for Bela for this party. Thankfully I can rely on SM for last minute shopping and I found nice tutus and so I thought that Bela will be a Snow fairy. So I bought her an all white costume: white tutu, white top, white wings and white headpiece. Unfortunately, I did not find a costume for Cobi (bad mommy) and so I just bought a reindeer headpiece that he can wear during the party.

Of course the stage daddy can’t wait to show off the talent of her little girl and so they have a part in the program where they rendered a song number again. I was one proud mommy as I was taking this video and I was a bit sentimental that I was on the verge of tears as I watch Bela. It made me realize that it is time for me to read about skin care product reviews as I am not getting any younger as Bela grows up so fast.

But I am happy though whit how Bela turned up as she is really confident in front of a crowd just like her dad which goes to show that she is one smart little girl (of course, you should love your own. LOL).


something purple said...

abie, na touched ako dito sa number nila ni howell. grabe nakakaiyak :)

abie said...

@ems naku ako mare 3x ko na sila napanood perform yan pero everytime naluluha pa din ako. ang lalaki na ng anak natin. bilis ng panahon..