Friday, December 31, 2010

Supplier Ratings: Loot Bags and Game Prizes

Supplier Ratings: Loot Bags and Game Prizes
168, Divisoria


Getting party giveaways and prizes for a princess themed party was no sweat. I just did a single trip to 168 and I was able to buy dozens and dozens of princess themed items from notepads, to white boards, pens, bags, coin purse, mugs, lunch kits, etc. Name it and Divisoria has it. I even bought everything in three stores only as I have limitless options to get for the souvenirs and game prizes.

I got the loot bags from Divisoria also. I only got it for P50 a piece. The original price is 100 but my husband was so good in haggling that we were able to get it at half the price. Then I just filled it with princess themed notepads, pens, fan, stickers, etc.

For the boys, I got Ben 10 backpacks and we got it for P25 only.

I really love Divisoria. I was able to buy all that I need for the loots bags and game prizes and there is even extras and I was able to stick within my budget.