Thursday, December 02, 2010

Supplier Ratings: Cake

The cake supplier was my last supplier to book as it took me a while to find a supplier who:

• is affordable
• can deliver the cake to the venue or has a pick up point that is near our place or the venue
• I think can execute the design that I like well

If not for the recommendation of my sister-in-law, I would not have discovered Sugar Dots (Maybe if she only has a website and she uses one way link then she would have a good positioning in search engines like Google, then I would have found this supplier easily).

I saw her Facebook page and saw this Candyland cake creation of hers:

And I fell in love with it. I told her that I want something like this but instead, the theme will revolve around princess and tea cup party as that is the theme of the party. I was thinking that there will be a princess topper, just like the cake above, and then the details will include tea cup.

And this is her creation for Bela’s cake:

What I like:
• the cake is actually unique, as what my host was saying
• Me-anne, my cake supplier, really took time to put details on the cake. The tea cups even looks like it has a tea inside and I think me-anne used jellies to make it
• The cake is all edible so we were able to give out everything to our relatives and friends after the party

What I would have wanted:

• I would have like it more if she created a cake just like the Candyland cake that I like and just use the tea cups and the tea pot as the details of the cake and not as the central theme or highlight of the cake design as I wanted to emphasize the theme “Princess” rather than “Tea Party”
• Me-anne did not send me drawings of the cake designs before she actually does it and you will just see the design upon pick up. If only I have seen the layout then maybe, I could have emphasized to her the layout or design that I like.