Friday, December 31, 2010

Supplier Ratings: Balloon Artist

It’s been several months already after Bela’s birthday but still I am not finish doing the supplier ratings for her party. LOL. So he is another round of my supplier ratings.

Balloon Artist
Eric booked through Jelly Bellies


I have seen how good Eric is when we attended the first birthday party of my inaanak, Dom. Bela was so hooked with his creations that I promised Bela that I will also get him for her birthday (even if I have to get payday advances to afford him. LOL).

So when I started planning for Bela’s 5th birthday, I immediately contacted Angelette to book him and Angelette was so nice as she did not even require a down payment and I can just pay a week after the party.

And he was a sure hit to the kids. Imagine he can make a bike,Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sponge Bob, Little Mermaid, dinosaurs (Bela's favorite), etc. According to Eric there are just two of them here in the Philippines who can make those balloon creations.

We are very happy with his service that I booked him again for Cobi’s 1st birthday party.


Grace Garcia- Anonuevo said...

Hi! nice feedback. can i ask for his his contact number? Thanks!