Friday, December 17, 2010

Enough with Bags. It is Time for Gold

Bela, upon seeing my new bag:

Bela: “Is your bag new mom?”
Me: “Yes.”
Bela: “Why do you need lots of bags?”

I did not know how to answer her and I just laugh upon hearing her question. But at least she is aware that too much is not good and that we should learn how to save up for our future. That is why after hearing Bela question me about my bag addiction, it really made me think and so I started checking the site of United States Gold Bureau as I am now considering to buy gold bullion as an investment.

They say that designer bags are an investment too as I can sell it in the future if I want to but I know that its value is depreciated already. Unlike gold whose value will not depreciate over time and so it is really a good way to preserve one’s wealth.

I had enough bags already for 2010 and so it is time for me to start saving up and make some real investments for the future of our kids.