Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fabulous Floor Length Prom Dresses

Many shoppers spend a great deal of time searching for the best prom dresses and when they find one that they think is perfect, it turns out that it costs so much. When you shop at Dress First, that kind of problem will not arise because all their items have incredibly low prices. Their wide selection of prom dresses assures all girls that there is something for everyone, whatever body type or preference you may have. Like for instance, you do not like showing off your legs then floor length prom dresses are what you should buy. I have taken note of some of them:

A-Line/Princess V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dress, 157.99 USD - This dress in watermelon color is stunning. I love the neckline as well as the style and design. The sequins in the waist and neckline make the prom dress more elegant. The layered hemline is also pretty. However, women with big busts should refrain from wearing this because the ruffles will make your top look bigger.

Empire Sweetheart Floor-Length Satin Prom Dress, 190.99 USD - Vintage is what came to my mind the first time I saw this. It just has this old-Hollywood kind of vibe. It is very elegant and beautiful. The empire cut hides problem areas in the body while the hemline is perfect. I love the design especially the black sash around the waist.

Sheath Sweetheart Floor-Length Taffeta Tulle Prom Dress, 186.99 USD - This looks pricey in every way. The fabric (taffeta and tulle) along with all those embellishments - ruffle, beading, and sequins make the whole outfit classy. The bow at the side is cute. This sheath prom dress is available in many colors.

These floor length prom dresses are indeed spectacular. Nowhere else will you see these wide variety of gowns, only at Dress First.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happiness in a Box for Bela

What’s inside the box?

Finally, we were able to pick up the drum set of Bela from Audiophile in Mall of Asia last Sunday. We reserved it last week and informed the shop that we will pick it up the following Saturday. But we decided to go to Subic so we were not able to drop by the shop.

Thankfully, we were able to go back to Manila the next day and so we were able to go to Mall of Asia to pick up the drum set. I called every branches of Audiophile and they are the only one who has the Imperial Star model in Vintage Red which is the color that Bela likes.

Now we are complete for the Christmas gifts for the kids. 

Friday, December 06, 2013

RockStar Bela

This is one picture of my daughter in one of her drum lessons at Academy of Rock:

She is really in the zone. And would you believe, she can already read notes and she said she can play the song Roar already.

She has been attending drum lessons at Academy of Rock for more than 6 months now I think and I must say that the tuition fee that we pay is really all worth it as we can really see big improvements with her drum skills.

She is enrolled for this month again and we plan to enroll her as long as she is still interested to learn new tricks.

My youngest also wants to take drum lessons just like her sister. He would even come inside the classroom and watch his sister play. Unfortunately, he is still too young for the lesson so I guess for now, he can just settle in being his sister fan and we will just buy him remo lollipop drums at music123.

Friday, November 29, 2013

On Her Own

Hubby kept on convincing that it is time for Bela to stay in her own room. Hubby even bought foam crown molding from to prepare the bed of Bela and she even cleaned up the room so Bela can move in soon.

I guess Bela is ready already for this but looks like it is not her who will have separation anxiety, but me. I was telling hubby that I am still not ready to let my eldest sleeps on her own. I even told hubby that we will co-sleep in our room as long as the kids want to.

But I guess it will help Bela develop her independence and responsibility. I know most of my friends’ kids are already staying in their own room so I am sure soon, I have to let go. Especially now that Bela has already turned 8 years old and we really have to make room for the coming of our 3rd baby.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

My Rock Star Princess

Just look at my Rock Star princess Bela:

Thanks to my friend’s sister, Jonah for taking this picture. This picture was taken a few months ago when we attended the rock star party of Margaux. Bela enjoyed the party that is why we had a rock star theme for her 7th birthday too.

I too love the concept of a Rock Star party that is why I am so excited to plan for this party too. We had Jives, the popular sing and dance trio that we often see in parties, and they really rock the house down and they did not fail in encouraging the kids to go up on stage and dance with them.

We also had an illuminated dance floor which added fun to the party. Bela and her dad of course had a presentation again as what they always do every year.

If I will to do it again, I will still go for a Rock Star themed party for Bela's 7th birthday. The theme was really fun and very much appropriate for their age that is why everybody did had fun. And all those months of preparation and stress got all paid off when Bela said this while watching the on-site video at the end of the party: "Mom, Dad, I will never forget this day."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christmas Presents

I can’t believe that it is September already and before I know it, it is Christmas already. That is why my husband and I have been talking about our plans for the coming holiday season and we have discussed also our gifts for the kids.

Hubby said that he plans to buy a new TV for the room of the kids so they can watch in their room. He is also looking at mounts and more so he can mount the flat screen TV on the wall to save space.

Oh I am really excited for the coming of the Christmas season.

My Cutie Majorette

Just look at my cute majorette:

She got her uniform already for her Rhymizette club and she was really excited to wear it. Rhymizette is one of the clubs being offered in school and since last year, she has been telling me that she will join this club when the new school year opens.

She told me that they are practicing a dance number to the tune of one of the songs of One Direction and we are really excited to watch her perform.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bela's 7th: Throw Back

Just look at my Rock Star princess Bela:

Thanks to my friend’s sister, Jonah for taking this picture. This picture was taken a few months ago when we attended the rock star party of Margaux. Bela enjoyed the party that is why we had ivory italian grand, guitars, rock band and more on her 7th birthday as she wanted a Rock Star themed party too.

I too love the concept of a Rock Star party that is why I was really excited when I was planning for this party. We had Jives, the popular sing and dance trio that we often see in parties, and they really did rocked the house down.

I really saw how happy Bela was during her party and she told us that it is the day that she will never forget.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bela and her Dragon Fly

Looked mom, I caught a dragon fly:
Bela loves animals, animals of all kinds from insects to the furry hamster, to our big Labrador and more. That is why when we attended an outreach in Bulacan, she enjoyed catching dragon flies with her dad after our outreach program.

But before we left, she set the dragon fly free after her dad spent hours catching the dragon fly for her. LOL. At the end of the day, her love and concern for animals would still remain so she would rather set the dragon fly free instead of being trapped in a bottle if she will bring them home.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

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To achieve this, you can order your Halloween invitations from They have the most unique and exclusive designs for haunted house Halloween invitation wordings so it will never fail you in setting the best first impression for your guests.
Haunted House Halloween Invitation
Halloween is just around the corner so better start your preparations now to guarantee that you will host the most fun and spooky Halloween event of the year.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bela and her Books

My daughter has been into creating her own story books. She will write the stories and do the drawings as well on bond paper and will ask us to compile it like a book.

I am really one proud mommy as she is just 7 years old and she is into story writing and illustration already. But what makes me proud the most is the reason behind why she is doing this. According to Bela, she is making these books so that kids who can’t afford to buy the books can still read the stories and information that she shares in her books. Then she told me that she will make tons and tons of books and will sell it so that the money that she will get from the sales can be use to buy food for the hungry kids in Ulingan (which is the community that my husband and I volunteers to).

This is something that I have to document so that she will still be able to recall this when she grows up. That is why I am checking out so I can make a website for Bela’s books, upload pictures of each of the books and the story behind each book.

I am happy that Bela is growing up to be a kid who has a kind heart who knows how to look after the welfare of others as well. My husband and I must be really doing something right for raising a daughter like Bela.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monster U Movie Date

It is not that often that there will be movies for kids being shown that is why when there is one, we really try to make sure that Bela and Cobi will be able to watch it on big screen. And since they both love Monsters University, we had a movie date to watch the Prequel to the Monster Inc movie.

It was a very funny movie, seeing Mike and Sullivan when they were still kids. Bela and Cobi enjoyed it so much that they kept on laughing the entire time. They had so much fun, that they are so noisy while inside the movie house as they can’t stop talking and walking as they watch the film.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

New Drum Set for Her

Bela has been doing really good with drums. She is already on her 3rd month with Academy of Rock and I can really say that she is really serious with it. I was able to speak with her teacher and he is recommending that we buy her a drum set so she can practice even at home.

Hopefully, we will be able to get the drum set soon. Our target is on her birthday on November. So for now, she has to make use of her Jr Drum Set. It needs some repair works though as we need to get a lock washer for the cymbals. But God willing, in just a few months, she can start jamming at home with her new drum set.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cats and Dogs

My brother and I are like cats and dogs when we were little and Cobi and Bela are just like that now. Well, Cobi is actually the culprit as he always teases his ate. Good thing Bela is such as understanding ate that she will always give in for his little brother.

But if there is one thing that both of them agreed on, then it is they both love strawberry donuts:

Just look at them enjoying their donuts from Dunkin Donuts as we dined in a Vietnamese resto. LOL.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Go Green Initiative

As part of St. Scholastica’s aim in helping to protect the environment, they have launched a campaign in school wherein all food concessionaires will no longer use plastic containers and students are asked to bring their own containers when buying from the canteen. Students are also encouraged to bring their own lunch box so as to avoid using plastic containers that adds to the pollution.

Because of this, the students are more aware now of our growing problems with global warming and on how in their own little way, can they help stop it.

Thus we are extending this campaign even at home and we have started with our own green steps by using green cleaning products, recycling and more which can really help in the sustainability of mother earth.

New PEARLS Volunteer

Last July 6, we all went to Batia, Bulacan as it is the scheduled feeding program of Project PEARLS there. Batia, Bulacan is the new home of our families from Ulingan after they have been relocated.

Bela met some of the kids in Ulingan when we invited a number of them during Cobi’s birthday party and since then, she always asked me when she will get a chance to meet them again. So when they got relocated in Bulacan where the air that they breathe is clean compared to the toxic smoke that they inhale in Ulingan, we figured that we can now bring our kids every time we go there to volunteer.

It is Bela and Cobi’s second time in Bulacan and I am really glad that they both had fun especially Bela. I explained to her the importance of what she did and how much she has helped the families in Ulingan and I am really proud of her because I can really see how much she enjoyed what we did and how fulfilled she was knowing that she was able to help.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bela'a Neuro Psychological Test Results for Academic Skills

I forgot to blog about this but we visited Bela’s pedia last May and he administered a Bela'a results for Neuro Psychological Test for Academic Skills and just look at Bela’s results.

Bela is 7 years old and is in Grade 2 this school year:

General Information – 6-7 years old
Oral Reading – Grade 3
Reading Comprehension – Grade 3
Mathematics – Grade 2

I am one proud mommy. But more than the academic skills, I am happy because Bela is growing up to be the kind child who knows how to share her blessings and looks after the welfare of others. Hope she will continue to grow to be a God fearing individual and a responsible member of the society.

I kept on wondering what she will be like when she grows up. For now, she is fascinated with anything about animals so will she be a veterinarian or a zoo keeper someday? Or since she loves Science, will she be a chemist and scientist just like those working for

But whatever it is that she likes to pursue, we her parents, are just here to support her all the way.

A Special Card from Bela

Look, Bela made a card for us and what makes it even more special is that it is written in Tagalog:
This is one of the art works that they did in her Tagalog Class with The Learning Library. Bela enjoys her class with them because it is not a formal classroom setup. They have games, reading activities, arts and crafts and they just incorporate Tagalog language with all these activities.

I really saw some improvement with Bela’s Tagalog skills because she is starting to speak in Tagalog and she can even understand some of the words if we speak to her in Tagalog. Too bad they don’t have Saturday class this school year because I would have wanted her to continue with their Tagalog class for the entire school year until she gains confidence and be fluent with the Tagalog language.

Bela’s Music Studio

Last week, Cobi and I watched Bela during her session with Teacher Elmer. Teacher said that Bela improved a lot and he asked Bela to show us what she learned for the past weeks:
Bela was so proud as she plays this tune to us. This is the basic and from it, Bela can create more melodies and tunes. Teacher Elmer said that a few more sessions, and he will already teach Bela how to play a song.

Bela only has the starter drum set so she really can’t practice at home because she said that her drum set is missing some pieces (I don’t know what it’s called). She wanted to have her own drum set so she can play and practice at home but hubby and I decided to postpone it for a bit and observe first if this is really something that Bela will stick too. And from the looks of it, she is really having fun and this is something that she will be really interested to learn.

That is why hubby and I talked and we really have to save money so we can convert one of our spare rooms into Bela’s music studio. I got really excited actually that I already started looking for studio furniture and stores where we can buy her drum set. Hope that this is something that we can do before November so it will be our birthday gift for her.

Epic Movie Date with the Kiddos

Bela had been waiting for the movie Epic to be shown in theaters that is why one Saturday night, I treated her and Cobi for a movie and we watched Epic.
It was a good movie actually. I love the plot of the story and how they highlighted the relationship between father and daughter.

Hubby was really jealous because he is usually Bela’s movie date but he is away on temporary duty. But Monster University is showing soon so he can make up to us for missing our Epic movie date.

My Rock Star

Just look at my Bela, enjoying her drum lessons at Academy of Rock:
My drummer girl
She has been taking drum lessons for 2 months now and I am really happy that she is enjoying it. This is the second music class that she attended. First was a violin lesson which she took 2 summers ago and I can see that she was really not that into it. But it is really different with her drum lessons now because she always mentions it to us and she is really excited to attend class. She is also at ease with her teacher and they are like good buddies, which help because it makes the learning more fun for Bela.

Teacher Elmer is also starting to introduce reading notes to Bela which is important as she can apply it too if ever she wants to play other instruments. Looks like we will have to save so we can buy more musical instruments for the kids like keyboard and guitar so they can really hone their talents.

Bela's 3rd Book: Reptiles

Here are a few pages on the 3rd book that Bela is working on:
Few pages in Bela's book @dudehowie
The first book that she made was a story about Brother Bear, the second book was all about Dinosaurs and this is her third book which is all about Reptiles.

She said that she is summarizing the books that she had been reading about Reptiles and compressed it to a few pages so that other kids can read and learn about reptiles too without having to read thousand pages of book.

What makes this book really special is that Bela is doing the book so she can sell it and the proceeds will be donated to Project PEARLS, which is the NGO that my husband and I supports, so that she can share money to buy food for the kids. I am one proud mommy.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Impromptu Playdate

Last May 26, we had a visit from my friends with their kids for an impromptu playdate. We have been talking about playdates and we have wanted to meet up as we have a lot of catching up to do but are schedules don’t meet.

The conversation started in Instagram when I posted a picture of our inflatable pool and then we are all free on Sunday afternoon and before we know it, we have a playdate.

Bela was so excited when I told her that friends will be visiting us for a playdate and she started planning what are the activities that they will do.

They first swam in our inflatable pool, thanks to our parker hose distributor, we were able to fill the pool with water in time, when all the kids arrived.
Then they watched movies, played game boards, bike, basketball and more. And while the kids are busy playing, the mommies were able to chat, had our manicure and pedicure and eat until we’re all so full.

It was a very fun day. Hope we can do this more often.

Bela, the Future Book Writer and Illustrator

My daughter is very bus and did you know what she is busy with?

She is doing her own book about Dinosaurs. She received a Dinosaur book from my friend last Christmas and it contains tons of information about every dinosaur you can think of. What she is doing for her book is she is drawing the different dinosaurs and then she is summarizing the information and is writing it down in her book.

She said she is making this book and she will give it to the kids in Ulingan so they will learn about dinosaurs too. Isn’t she is the sweetest? And I am proud that she just not thinks of herself but of others as well. Another proud mommy moment here.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Summer is Over. Start of the New School Year

I can’t believe that the 2 months of summer vacation is over just like that. Next week, Bela will go back to school as a grade 2 student. I remember last year, I have a lot of fears for my daughter as it is a big transition for her, moving from Sr. Prep to Grade 1.

In Grade 1, they will have teachers for each subject and she was in school almost the whole day. On the first week of class, Bela would go home almost at the brink of crying and she keep on telling us that teacher does not like her. I was even asked by her special programs teacher for a meeting as Bela would hide under the table and she needs to do a lot of convincing before she comes out of the table.

My heart was shattered as a mom, seeing my daughter like that. But every time I will ask her, she will say that she still loves school so I am thankful that it did not reached the point when Bela would detest going to school.

Hope this school year will be different. I am really praying to God that Bela will have supportive and patient teachers and adviser and nice classmates so it will be a smoother transition for her this time.

And speaking of first day of school, I suddenly remembered that I have not printed sticker labels for Bela’s notebooks and books. Good thing I remembered that I ordered to print flyers at few months ago and so I will check if they print sticker labels and bag tags too.

Good luck my dear daughter. Have fun in school.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Living my Dream

Looks like Howell has to bring out his guitar so he and Bela can have their jamming session at home. It is because Bela has been attending drum lessons at Academy of Rock for 2 sessions now and she is really enjoying it and is so into it that I think, she will continue with the class even after the school opens.
If she finishes her 4 sessions and we find that this is really something that she will spend time with, we may have to save to upgrade her drum set to the complete one as what she has right now is just the basic.

Playing drums is one of my frustrations growing up. So at least I am having my wish come true, through my daughter.

Ocean Adventure for Mother's Day

On Howell’s last weekend here in Manila before he leaves for his temporary duty to Majuro, we were able to go to Ocean Adventure for more bonding moments with the kids. It was actually a last minute decision and we left the house around 11 AM already and we reached Subic by 2 AM just in time for their first afternoon show. In a way, it is also our Mother's Day celebration.
This is our 2nd or 3rd time here but it is the first for Cobi. We watched all the shows: Walk on the Wild Side Show, Amazing African Acrobats, Dolphin Show and the Sea Lion Show.
We enjoyed all of the shows but the highlight of our day was our close encounter with Tonka, Ocean Adventure’s false killer whale. We know much Bela would love this experience and so even if we are not prepared and we did not bring any swimwear, we still signed up for the Beach encounter with Tonka. Just look at how cool it is:
Of course Bela won’t stop thanking us and she said that it is one of her best day ever.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Enrolled: Drum Lessons at Academy of Rock

Bela has been attending the Beginning Filipino Workshop being offered by the Learning Library at Gymboree Serendra. She actually finished 8 sessions already and I enrolled her for another 8 sessions. Aside from this, she also has Kumon classes in Reading and Math every Tuesday and Thursday.

But these are all academic classes and so I wanted to enroll her to another extra-curricular activity and her choices is either swimming or drum lessons. I inquired with Bert Lozada at Ace Water Spa but their schedule is every day for summer and this won’t fit in Bela’s busy schedule. So I was able to convince her to take drum lessons instead and she will just go back to swimming come June.

So last week, we were able to drop by Academy of Rock in Rockwell and she had a trial class. She enjoyed it and she said she wanted to try out the class so I enrolled her for 4 sessions.
I totally forgot that Howell will be away until June and since I don’t drive, I have to ask my dad to drive us every Saturday while Howell is away. LOL. That is why I have been checking out Famous Smoke shop to check out for my dad’s favorite cigar as our bribe to him. He can even try out cigar affiliate program of Famous Smoke so he can earn on the side too.

I am excited for the activities lined up for Bela. I am sure, she will enjoy all of these.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tagalog Class for Bela @ The Learning Library

I have been looking for a good school for Bela where she can attend Filipino class and I was lucky that I was able to save the metal business cards that I got from Gymboree last time Cobi attended class there as they are partners with Learning Library.

Learning Library is a school which offers Language and Reading classes for kids as young as 3 years old I think. They have a “Wika’y Galing” program where they teach Filipino for non-Tagalog speakers in a fun way through arts and crafts, story reading, interaction and more where they integrate Filipino language in all the activities.

I heard a lot of good reviews about the program and hopefully it will really help Bela as I really want her to learn how to speak Tagalog. 

Here is the artwork and activity that they did on their first day.
Bela is on her 4th session already and so far, she is really having fun with the program.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Easter 2013

Bela has been asking us where will we celebrate Easter and I can’t give her an answer because I know that Sweet Royals has an event that day. So I searched online and luckily, I was able to find an Easter event that is just across the venue for Sweet Royals event,

So after setting up the candy buffet for Lucas’ first birthday, hubby and I left my brother-in-law and my yaya at the party venue and we went to Eastwood to join the event.

There was an entrance of P550per kid and I was hesitant at first but after the event, I can say that it was really worth it. There are different stations that you can try like the bouncing castle, Garden of Sweets, Hundred Acre Wood, Dino Island, Art Attack and more plus there were also different shows in the Courtyard like the Mad Science show that we were able to catch.
Cobi and Bela had so much fun that we plan to do it again next year.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Brave Girl

We went to Tagaytay two weeks ago to tour our family friend from Canada and we find it as a perfect time to try the Zip line in Picnic Grove. Their cousin, Ava, suggested that we let them try this as the kids are really adventurous.

So when we reached the Zip line area, hubby asked Bela if she wants to try it too. Bela was hesitant at first but she still finds the courage to go ahead and do it and just look at her picture:

It really shows that she really had fun. We availed of the two way ride and she did not think twice in riding it for the second time. Maybe next time, she and her dad can do the superman pose together.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Anniv Nick & Hazel

I can’t believe that it has been a year since Bela was the flower girl to the wedding of my cousin, Nick to his long time girlfriend Hazel.

They celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary last weekend and I know they will be celebrating more anniversaries together. I can still remember when my cousin was just looking for mens diamond wedding bands and was so busy for the wedding preparations.

But I can still remember when he was all so cool on the evening of his wedding while me, my cousin and my sister were so busy for the last minute preparations and he told us “all of this doesn’t matter because what is important is that his bride will be there on the day that they will say yes to forever.” So sweet.

Happy Anniversary again Nick and Hazel.

Bela's Trick Shot

Just look at this cute Trick Shot of Bela taken by his dad at Merlion park on our last trip to Singapore:

This was actually Bela’s idea and she was even the one who directed this shot. She was really all up for it and was excited to see how the picture turned out.

Looks like Bela and Cobi will follow their dad’s footsteps as they love playing with the cameras too, which is good as it means that there will be more photographers in the family to take my photos. LOL.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

St. Eusebia Scrapbook

Scrapbook done. Thanks to my mom, my sister and her boyfriend and my husband who did the scrapbook.

We were out of the country on the last weekend before the deadline so we made sure that we gathered all the pictures needed for the scrapbook before we left and purchased the scrapbook materials so my sister and my mom can start working on it while we are away.

I am so happy with how it turned out, even though I got stress out a bit because there was one parent who was complaining. I even got a text from Ms. Garcia to express how she liked the scrapbook too.

For Our and Their Future

Last Tuesday, I left earlier than usual as I have to catch a flight for my temporary duty work in Brunei for 4 days. My kids were still sleeping when I left so I just took a picture of them.

It was difficult for me to leave the kids as I am not really used to being away from them for a very long time. But this is part of my work and there is nothing that I can do it with. So while I am away from them, it gave me a chance to think about our life and I had a realization that my husband and I cannot be with our kids forever. If only we can, we would but we can’t control what God’s plan is for us.

But there is something that I can do to prepare for the future of my kids and that is by getting guaranteed annuities. And since I have nothing to do in the hotel as soon as I finish work, I got the chance too to review different annuity rates all from one website.

Now I have all the information that I need which I can share with my husband when I get back so we can finally get an annuity package for us.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Grade 1 Field Trip

Last February 13, I took a leave from work so I can accompany Bela on her field trip, just like what I always do every year.

Our first stop was the Bioresearch Farm in Paranaque. Don’t be deceive by the looks of the place from outside as the place is really big and they have a lot of animals inside like parrots, different kinds of fish, rabbits, peacock and more. Bela had a great time here, although I noticed that the tour guide was in a hurry as she guides us around the farm. She will say something in her megaphone about the area where we are at and then move right away to the next one, without letting us explore the area first.
Our second stop was at the plant of Gardenia. Even I was amazed at how they make their breads.
Third stop was the house of Jose Rizal in Calamba, Laguna. Surprisingly, Bela was really interested and she observed and looked at every display that was inside the house.

Our fourth and last stop (and I am sure Bela’s favourite), was Sta. Elena Fun Farm where they get to ride a carabao, horse and boat, pet and feed the rabbits, go fishing and play in the playground.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Controversial Scrapbook of Grade 1 – St. Eusebia

Every year after the field trip, we will be asked to make a scrapbook to document the student’s as well as their chaperone’s experience of the trip. This time, instead of making one scrapbook per student, we will be making one scrapbook for the class and the homeroom officers will be responsible in making it.

So I texted all my co-parents today to ask them to submit pictures that they want to share for the class scrapbook. I ordered cheap envelopes to give to our adviser so she can sort the pictures that will be submitted.

All who replied to my text was really happy with this setup as we know how time consuming it is to make a scrapbook. So I was really surprised when I got a text from one mommy complaining that she already bought the materials because she thought that each student would have to submit a scrapbook. She told me that we should have notified her in advance so she does not have to buy the materials and she is saying that those that she bought would just go to waste.

Well for one, our class adviser have notified us way, way in advance that we will just have one scrapbook per class. It is not my problem anymore if she is not reading her daughter’s notebook or if she can’t understand plain English. Second, the materials that she bought would not be put to waste if she would just donate it to us who will do the scrapbook for the class or she can even use it to make a scrapbook that she can keep. Third, nobody is stopping her from making and submitting her own scrapbook.

I guess it is how she put the text message that really irritates me. For me, as a parent, I should be careful with what I say or do. These are the parents of my daughter’s classmates that I am talking to and I think it is just right to be polite to them or just show them that I am an educated parent.

But I have to let bygones be bygones. I can’t control how other people think and act. It is them who will look bad and not me. So moving on.

Grade 1 Educational Tour: Field Trip

Last February 13 was Bela’s field trip. The assembly time is at 6:00 AM as the bus has to leave at exactly 6:30 AM so we were up early. Bela was really excited that we did not have to wake her up. She was up at 3 AM and she was already asking us to give her a bath. LOL. This is how excited she is for this trip.

This picture was taken in Jollibee Quirino while we are waiting for our order for our take out lunch:

We went to Bioresearch Farm, Gardenia Plant, Jose Rizal Shrine, and our last stop was at Sta. Elena Fun Farm. I have to make a separate post about each of our destination but I first have to download the pictures that I took of the field trip since I am responsible for making the class scrapbook (which for some reason, one mom is not happy about ☹ but that deserves a separate post too.)

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bye Lucy

Last Christmas, we granted our daughter’s wish of having a pet dog and gave her a mini pinscher as our gift to her. She was really happy and excited when we went to the pet shop in Cartimar to buy her dog. She fell in love with the mini pinscher as soon as she saw it. Even if we went around the different shops, she still went back to the store where she saw the mini pinscher.

So she was just the happiest when she went home with Lucy, her new pet dog.
Meet Lucia, a mini Pinscher, Bela's Christmas gift
Unfortunately, after only a month, Lucy left us. Lucy was due for vaccination that weekend but she got sick before that. We brought her to a vet and the doctor did everything she could to save Lucy. I guess even if the vet has all the apparatus and medical equipment in the world like stethoscope, colposcopes, oloscopes, etc, it is not very hard to determine that Lucy will not make it as she is really in the worse condition.

The vet said that she got a virus and the vet only gave her 24 hours, and if she will not make it, we will have to say goodbye to Lucy. Lucy was a fighter as she survived for another day. She even tried to stand up when we are feeding her; she even tried to play with Peter, Cobi’s pet dog.

But I guess it was really time for her to say goodbye because the next day, we heard Peter barking and when my dad went down to check, he saw Lucy already in peace.

We were all affected by Lucy’s loss, especially Bela:
Poor kid :-(
I did not think that I will be this affected too but it was like Lucy was my 3rd child. I hope and pray that Peter will not experience the same thing as Lucy and hopefully someday, we will be able to move on from this heartbreaking experience.