Friday, November 29, 2013

On Her Own

Hubby kept on convincing that it is time for Bela to stay in her own room. Hubby even bought foam crown molding from to prepare the bed of Bela and she even cleaned up the room so Bela can move in soon.

I guess Bela is ready already for this but looks like it is not her who will have separation anxiety, but me. I was telling hubby that I am still not ready to let my eldest sleeps on her own. I even told hubby that we will co-sleep in our room as long as the kids want to.

But I guess it will help Bela develop her independence and responsibility. I know most of my friends’ kids are already staying in their own room so I am sure soon, I have to let go. Especially now that Bela has already turned 8 years old and we really have to make room for the coming of our 3rd baby.