Monday, September 29, 2008

Jumping Joeys at the Park

Last Friday, the Jumping Joeys class has a filed trip at the park in line with their topic for that week on “places in our neighborhood.” Their activities include tour around the park, scribbling on the sidewalk, picnic at the park, story time, and romp in the playground. Bela was already sleepy by the time they are having snacks but she was able to restrain herself from sleeping as she is anxious to play on the playground.

I was supposed to go to Divisoria that day but my mom reminded me to attend the activity as parents are also welcome to join the activity. Howell had a wedding coverage that day but the wedding was finished by lunch time so he was able to drop by to attend the activity also and took some pictures of Bela. Below are some pictures:

Anecdotal Report - Sept 26, 2008

Anecdotal Report

Child’s Name: Bela
Teacher/s: Maica and lei
Date: Se[t 26, 2008
Class: Jumping Joeys

We thought you might like to know:

Bela enjoyed our topic this week which is about Community Helpers and places in our community. She would listen attentively and join in all the activities. When her teacher asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she instantly pointed to the picture of a policeman and said “I want to be a policeman!”

Big Breaks

I was a taxi cab driver once upon a time, a descent job I was proud to tell to anyone. Yet, having put much care and thoughts into this work, in the yearning of my soul, its not something I profound as the earnings was only good to meet our ends need.

The grand scheme of things to give my wife and our future kids a descent life is colossally important and the onus that is placed on my shoulder, I begun my search for a much better bread and butter. While contemplating on the idea, I was hit by a sudden brain wave regarding the truck driving school peers have been constantly mentioning. Upon enrolling at the academe, I was pretty much swayed and awe inspired to learn that asides from the very comprehensive and well rounded programs recipe it provides is yet another recipe of unequalled measures. It has the nexus of reputable and high paying truck companies on its network to give everyone the right opportunity for a lucrative truck driving career. Once job placements for truck drivers has been established, they will be given a top truck driving training sponsored by the company for a period of three weeks, which offers the best and latest innovations of techniques, skills and knowledge to keep safe and secured, build developments test beds in a creative and secured environment. This was the turning point and the big breaks that led to my successful truck driving career which gives me 5 digits figure take home pay excluding benefits that always make my wife happy and the rest of our siblings as we all live a regal life.

This was the story my uncle always loved to tell everyone whenever he and his family come for a vacation from the U.S.A.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 7 - HK Harbor

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Party Planning Updates

So after changing my mind several times, Bela will now have three parties. One is on November 14 at Toddlers Unlimited, the second one is at Kidz Republic for all our close friends and relatives and a third one at Hospicio de San Jose.

Everything is almost ready. I already booked the magician for the party at Hospicio and at Kidz Republic and I already talked to Pizzie of Little Royalties for the additional items that I will be ordering from her for Bela’s school party. But here are just some of the items that I need to take care of (I need to make a list as I might forget something)

Look for bags for Bela’s souvenirs for her classmates. (Hubby doesn’t want to spend much on this so I might visit Divi and check out the affordable bags there).
Lay out of invitation, tarpaulin, souvenir tags, director’s chair – c/o hubby
Contact Jollibee or Shakeys to inquire for their food delivery service for Bela’s school party
Pay 50% down payment at Kidz Republic and finalize the details for the food and the number of guests – I have to do this a month before the event
Book Jollibee Mendiola for Bela’s party at Hospicio de San Jose
Finalize details with Little Royalties and give full payment – I’ll do this first week of November so I already have our Christmas bonus so I can her in full.

I guess that’s all that is left. I promised hubby that I will not be OC for Bela’s third birthday party but I can’t help myself. Sorry dad, I know you will not mind since it is for your princess naman. LOL.

Party Planning Updates

Original Plan: No big party for Bela and we will just have a party at her school and at the orphanage.

Change of Plan 1: But when I inquired at TU, the administrator said that they can only give me around 30 minutes for the program that I am planning for Bela’s birthday. And I thought that 30 minutes is not enough. And then I also saw how excited she was when she watched her first birthday video. So I started searching for a venue so I can have a small party for her where I will just invite close friends and relatives and her classmates.

So I made reservations at Kidz Republic in Mall of Asia and I also booked a magician as the entertainment for the party.

Change of Plan 2: All of Bela’s classmates celebrated their birthday at school with a simple get together. And my mom said that every time there is a party, Bela will join the celebrant in blowing the candle. And when I asked the yaya of Bela’s classmates, their answer sounds like there is a slim chance that all of them can attend Bela's party at Kidz Republic since it all depends on the busy schedule of their boss. And of course, I want Bela's classmates and teachers to celebrate with her as I know how much Bela loves their company. So with just two months left before Bela’s birthday, I changed my mind again and decided that I will not invite Bela’s classmates for her party at Kidz Republic and will just have a simple celebration at TU.

Natatawa na lang sa akin ang asawa ko.

Halloween Program at TU

I checked Bela’s School calendar and I was reminded that they will have a Halloween program this coming October. Of course, the stage mother in me kicked in immediately and I asked Jane (since Sophia used to study at Toddlers Unlimited) to confirm if they will be wearing costumes since we haven’t been notified yet by Bela’s teachers for the details of the program.

I want to prepare ahead of time since I have to have her costume custom made since my daughter is quite small and it is difficult to find the right size for her from the ready made costumes available. I have inquired with Mrs. Prim and these are my choices for Bela’s costume:

.: Inspired by Jane's Shopia :.

I was already planning to go to Mrs. Prim so she can take Bela’s measurements but good thing I was at Toddlers Unlimited last Friday and was able to ask Bela’s teachers for some details. It turns out, they will be having a theme per class this year. The Jumping Joeys class’s theme might be Jungle / Safari and I don’t think my choices fit the theme. LOL.

They said that they will sent out details next week so hopefully we can visit Mrs. Prim next Saturday as according to her, she should be starting with the costume by next week if I need it by third week of October.

From Mulan to Dinosaurs

Last September 12, hubby and I took a day off from work to accompany Bela in watching Mulan Jr at Greenbelt 1 together with all her classmates from Toddlers Unlimited. We arrived early at Greenbelt 1 and so we were able to go inside the theater as soon s the gates were opened. But as soon as the lights went off, Bela started to cry and she kept on saying “Let’s go out, let’s go out!” We tried to convince her to check out the show first but she is really scared that she won’t stop crying.

She started acting like this when we watched the Dora the Explorer show at Aliw Theater. I don’t know why she suddenly got scared as she enjoyed the Sesame Street show (which have giant monster mascots) and the Barney show when we watched it. We thought that she just don’t like the Dora mascot that time and she will soon overcome her fear but we were wrong since she still got scared when we watched Mulan the last time.

So we just decided to leave even if the show is not yet finish and we just decided to go to Robinsons and checked out the Dinosaurs Robotics Exhibit which also opens on that day. And we feel relieved that even though Bela did not start her day right, she had fun watching and posing with the dinosaurs. Here are some pictures,

The Spy that I love

Morning brings me some of my best moments as I wait for hubby and our three children occupied their sits in our dining table and eat our breakfast together. Their faces are replete with exhilarating expression of happiness and contentment is an alluring sight as I sit quietly in gratefulness. Truly it’s a great way to start the day.

Then our usual group of five that dine was most of the time reduced to four, when our eldest begun to feel her foretaste of freedom and her penchant for online chats and other computer related activities kept her passive and pampered. She prepared to have her morning meal in her room while working with her computer. When asked about her work, her simple retort was just, “don’t worry mom,” which didn’t cause me to be gratified.

A cloud of suspicion started to echoed and reechoed on the back of my mind and the obsession of unraveling her files boggled my mind. Sans of any good idea how to do it, I conferred the problem to dear hubby. Calmed down honey, he said. The spy software is all what you need to bid adieu to your worry. Once it is installed into our daughter’s PC and she logged on to her favorite keylogger site, the invincible power of the software tool to spy and monitor every details of her transaction will be revealed. The tool is technologically designed and engineered for its ultra efficient performance that provides insight, playback details with all relevant and comprehensive information stored and recorded every time the PC is used. Then his lecture ended up with a kiss.

I followed hubby’s advice. Having the power and control to browse into my daughter’s file, I did it without hesitation when I got the chance. When my perusing was done, I was astounded and was left with all raves and high praises for her for the files were filled with features of information that dealt with her study. It was a gleeful spying experience that adds to my morning delight seeing her in her room doing her PC chores.

Monday, September 15, 2008

To big school or not to big school?

Last week, I was able to find the time to read the n@w archives regarding schools for grade school. I panicked when I learned that as early as September, schools are already accepting applications for admission. Some schools only have a quota for the maximum number of students that they will accept and as soon as this quota is met, they will no longer accept applications.

Bela will be turning 3.7 years old by June 2009. Since her birthday is November, she does not meet the age requirements for Kinder so our choice is either to enroll her early for Nursery or just enroll her for Kinder come 2010.

I was talking to Jacqui last week and asked her views regarding enrolling her daughter to a big school. She said that some parents moved their kids to big school by nursery so they will not be culture shock to the big school set up when it is time for them to move to Grade 1. My mom doesn’t like to enroll Bela to a big school next school year. Baby pa daw si Bela and she suggested that we just enroll her again to Toddlers Unlimited. We were able to have a preview of the Nursery level in TU and it looks ok as they already teach Science, Math, English and Writing in a progressive method which is really the approach that we like.

If I were to ask, I want to move Bela to big school already but my problem is the school that I like for Bela which is near our place is St. Theresa’s College and the youngest that they accept for Grade 1 is 5.5 years old. The schools that are on my list now are schools in Makati (CSA, Assumption) and Pasig (OB Montessori) which is like 1 – 1.5 hours away from our place. This means that Bela have to travel for 1-1.5 hours everyday just to go to school which I think is stressful for a toddler.

If we decided not to enroll her to a big school, we might move her to Early Achievers' Learning Center's in QC which is a lot closer to our place. It is also a progressive school that has the same method as TU but we might move her here as she now has to attend class 5 times a week for Nursery level so we would prefer a school that is closer to our place.

What do you think? Should we just move Bela to Early Achievers and then move her to STC when she is already 5.5? Or should we consider enrolling her to a big school in Makati or Mandaluyong area then move her to STC when she is 5.5 so she will be prepared for the big school environment? Please share your thoughts.

Weekend Snapshot # 4 - Meet Bela's Dora

Bela never really likes playing with dolls even if it is her favourite cartoon character like Dora the Explorer. She likes playing with balls, cars or her animal toys instead. So we were really surprised when she got all excited when she saw the Dora Explorer doll. And when I asked her if she wants to bring Dora home, she didn’t think twice and she immediately said Yes. And since it is on sale, hubby and I decided to buy it the doll.

And I think she really likes the doll as she always wants Dora beside her every time she goes to bed and she even reads book for Dora and she brought Dora with her when we went to her paediatrician for her check up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Fortune

Last time I was sent by the embassy for training in Canada, on my way back home I was granted the privilege to pass by at my cousins who where living in New York with their parents whom I have not seen in years. Everyone was filled with vibrant emotion, thrills and excitement as we came face to face to each other, chattering and exchanging lots of pleasantries. When the heat was over, cousin VJ who used to be my playmate before their migration invited me and her clan for a taste of eclectic New York cuisine.

We spent more tête-à-tête talk where I learned she works in one of Manhattan’s office as she drove our way to the restaurant. While I was enjoying the delicate food that was served, VJ and almost everyone continued to enchant me of the promise of proverbial pork jobs in Manhattan can provide if I decided to stay. Become part of the most sought and prestigious company is a rare opportunity I should not let go, they all uttered.

Recognizing the purity of their intention I replied with my great demeanor and explained that the visa I had was only good for a tourist entry. Lets just do it next time and let Manhattan waits, meanwhile let us enjoy the food.

On my wish list

The advent of computer technology creates a comfortable distance and a fusion of happiness, convenience and prosperity that adds to the reveling life of every computer savvy individual. Fascination and love to the interminable world of computer and internet has become a way of life to everyone. But then when notebook computer which come with a sobriquet or banally called laptop was introduced, its buildup hype sets its popularity growing at an amazing pace. What has appealed to the majorities to take a paradigm shift on its use hitherto is its portability character which is absolutely an incrementing advantage for all man and woman on the go. Equipped with homogeneous algorithmic power of the PC’s, is artfully designed to look sleek from its low end and high end versions with simple operating system that is impeccably prepared that gives point and click accessibility and connectivity immediately available. Laptop undoubtedly has become the darling of the most demanding people for its hyper and uncompromising performance to start, stay on the fast track, weaved our way and let technology works even in every nook and cranny.

I could gratified no less for having notebook computer add to the list of my conquest as it truly provides major enhancement in the area of performance, flexibility and ease of use, making it easier than ever to tap into the vast analytical power of internet network. It’s a good thing to keep and worth having for. As everyone would agree it’s the wizard of them all!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Conversions with Bela

I was 15 minutes early than the scheduled premier of the TARA Asia Racers Revealed so at 8:45 I’m already tuned in to AXN.

Bela: Mom, Handy Manny, Handy Manny.

Me – pretending that I am not hearing her.

Bela: Mom, Handy Manny please. Please mom.

Of course she won. Who can say no if you’re daughter is already saying please.


Me inside the bathroom taking a bath.

Bela knocks on the door.

Bela: What are you doing mom?
Me: Taking a bath.
Bela: Ok
(Then she left and went back to the living room to watch Playhouse Disney)

After a few minutes, she went knocking on the door again:

Bela: Mom, are you ok mom? Don’t worry it will be ok.
Maybe she got worried that I’m inside the bathroom for minutes now.


Mom: Bela we will take nanay puti to the doctor so the doctor can check her eyes.
Bela: Nanay puti, don’t cry, don’t cry. It will be ok. (while she is patting her nanay puti’s back)

Bela watching a kid at Toy Kingdom playing a video game.

She has been patiently waiting for her turn to play the game. After more than 15 minutes, the kid is still playing with the video game.

Bela: Mom, it’s my turn. It’s my turn.

We’re at SM and we pass by the lady’s section.

Bela upon seeing all the clothes on displayed: Mom, change clothes.
Me: Those clothes are big for you. They are for mom, tita and lola only.
Bela: Where are the clothes for Bela?
Mom: They’re at the second level beside the toy section. Why do you want to change clothes? You don’t like what you are wearing?
Bela: Yes

But as soon as she sees the toys, she totally forgot what we are talking about.

Last weekend, we bought her a toy dog that comes with its own kennel and grooming kit. She put all her animal toys in the kennel.

Me: Why are you putting all your animals inside Spike’s house? (Spike is the name of her toy dog?) The animals might bite Spike.

Bela took Spike and hugged him.

Bela: It’s ok Spike, it’s ok.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 3 - Horse Back Riding

Since my daughter just so love animals, one of the first thing in our itinerary for our trip to Baguio was a visit to the Wright Park where my daughter can go horse back riding. She was so excited as soon as she saw the horses that she kept on saying “Go down, go down. Ride Horse” when we reached the parking lot. We asked her to choose which horse she likes and she chooses the pink horse which is similar to her Little Pony toy. She enjoyed the ride with here dad so much. Below are some pictures: