Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bela and her Books

My daughter has been into creating her own story books. She will write the stories and do the drawings as well on bond paper and will ask us to compile it like a book.

I am really one proud mommy as she is just 7 years old and she is into story writing and illustration already. But what makes me proud the most is the reason behind why she is doing this. According to Bela, she is making these books so that kids who can’t afford to buy the books can still read the stories and information that she shares in her books. Then she told me that she will make tons and tons of books and will sell it so that the money that she will get from the sales can be use to buy food for the hungry kids in Ulingan (which is the community that my husband and I volunteers to).

This is something that I have to document so that she will still be able to recall this when she grows up. That is why I am checking out so I can make a website for Bela’s books, upload pictures of each of the books and the story behind each book.

I am happy that Bela is growing up to be a kid who has a kind heart who knows how to look after the welfare of others as well. My husband and I must be really doing something right for raising a daughter like Bela.