Saturday, July 20, 2013

New PEARLS Volunteer

Last July 6, we all went to Batia, Bulacan as it is the scheduled feeding program of Project PEARLS there. Batia, Bulacan is the new home of our families from Ulingan after they have been relocated.

Bela met some of the kids in Ulingan when we invited a number of them during Cobi’s birthday party and since then, she always asked me when she will get a chance to meet them again. So when they got relocated in Bulacan where the air that they breathe is clean compared to the toxic smoke that they inhale in Ulingan, we figured that we can now bring our kids every time we go there to volunteer.

It is Bela and Cobi’s second time in Bulacan and I am really glad that they both had fun especially Bela. I explained to her the importance of what she did and how much she has helped the families in Ulingan and I am really proud of her because I can really see how much she enjoyed what we did and how fulfilled she was knowing that she was able to help.