Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bye Lucy

Last Christmas, we granted our daughter’s wish of having a pet dog and gave her a mini pinscher as our gift to her. She was really happy and excited when we went to the pet shop in Cartimar to buy her dog. She fell in love with the mini pinscher as soon as she saw it. Even if we went around the different shops, she still went back to the store where she saw the mini pinscher.

So she was just the happiest when she went home with Lucy, her new pet dog.
Meet Lucia, a mini Pinscher, Bela's Christmas gift
Unfortunately, after only a month, Lucy left us. Lucy was due for vaccination that weekend but she got sick before that. We brought her to a vet and the doctor did everything she could to save Lucy. I guess even if the vet has all the apparatus and medical equipment in the world like stethoscope, colposcopes, oloscopes, etc, it is not very hard to determine that Lucy will not make it as she is really in the worse condition.

The vet said that she got a virus and the vet only gave her 24 hours, and if she will not make it, we will have to say goodbye to Lucy. Lucy was a fighter as she survived for another day. She even tried to stand up when we are feeding her; she even tried to play with Peter, Cobi’s pet dog.

But I guess it was really time for her to say goodbye because the next day, we heard Peter barking and when my dad went down to check, he saw Lucy already in peace.

We were all affected by Lucy’s loss, especially Bela:
Poor kid :-(
I did not think that I will be this affected too but it was like Lucy was my 3rd child. I hope and pray that Peter will not experience the same thing as Lucy and hopefully someday, we will be able to move on from this heartbreaking experience.