Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grade 1 Educational Tour: Field Trip

Last February 13 was Bela’s field trip. The assembly time is at 6:00 AM as the bus has to leave at exactly 6:30 AM so we were up early. Bela was really excited that we did not have to wake her up. She was up at 3 AM and she was already asking us to give her a bath. LOL. This is how excited she is for this trip.

This picture was taken in Jollibee Quirino while we are waiting for our order for our take out lunch:

We went to Bioresearch Farm, Gardenia Plant, Jose Rizal Shrine, and our last stop was at Sta. Elena Fun Farm. I have to make a separate post about each of our destination but I first have to download the pictures that I took of the field trip since I am responsible for making the class scrapbook (which for some reason, one mom is not happy about ☹ but that deserves a separate post too.)