Monday, June 02, 2008

Grand Santacruzan @ Intramuros

Last Friday was the Grand Santacruzan held at Intramuros, Manila. It is an annual event organized by the Intramuros Administration together with the Fashion Designers of the Philippines.

My good friend Ate Annie, knows the organizer and had asked me if I want my Bela to be one of the angels for the Santacruzan. Of course, I immediately said yes.

So last Firday, I head straight to Intramuros from work while Howell had to leave early from work so he can take pictures of her dear daughter. The stage lolo and lola brought Bela to Intramuros so Howell and I don’t have to go home to pick her up.

The Santarcuzan will start at Fort Santiago and we were told to be there by 4:00 PM. But the program started around 6:00 PM already. Good thing Bela was still in the mood and she gamely let her lola put on her make up and dress her up.

She was a charmer and she really loves attention. I did not really prepare for this event because I never thought that Bela will really participate. But when we asked her to line up with the other angels, she quickly followed our instruction. She was even smiling and waving her hands like she was really enjoying all the attention. She was one of the smallest angels in the group so the people watching are really so fond of her. She even went up the stage when all the participants of the Santacruzan were being introduced.

Here are some of her pictures.

When we arrived home, I was really tired but I’m really one happy and proud mom.


Peachy said...

cute naman ni bela as little angel:)

Princess Vien said...

haha.. ang cute ni bela..

u're tagged ate..

Maya said...

she really look so cute. i do miss the santacruzan.

Rizza said...

she's so cute and lovely, baka may future siya as beauty queen