Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bela's First Ballet Recital

Before I look for the best appetite suppression, let me make a post first about Bela’s first Ballet Recital as this has been a long overdue post already.

Bela has been joining the ballet club at St. Scholastica since June of 2010 and during their open house, we were informed that they will have a Christmas show. Upon hearing that, I got really excited as I know how much Bela loves to perform.

But joining a recital is no joke as they have to practice since November every Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM so I know how tiring it can get for Bela. But every time I asked her if she is having fun, she will give me a big Yes so I am sure that she is having a grand time.

On the day of the recital, they were asked to come as early as 11 AM even if the show won’t start until 6 PM so they can still practice before the show begins. They will perform scenes from the Nutcracker and she will play the role of the mouse and so I thought that she only have a little part in the show but I was surprised when I saw her appear in different parts of the show and every time the three mice will come out, the crowd will start to chuckle as they are just so cute.


The show has two parts and the second part is their Christmas Carols where they dance to the tune of different Christmas songs. I was so happy and proud when I saw Bela dancing again on stage with the big ballerinas.

The show ended with a curtain call and I was in tears when I saw Bela in front of the stage and is giving the audience a big flying kiss and a bow. I never thought that I will be this emotional to see my big girl perform on stage. I guess all moms are like this.

After the show, we meet Bela on stage and we presented her with a bouquet of flowers and so she feels like a real star.

We went home right after the show as Bela was complaining that she is so tired already and we believed her as she doze off to sleep right away as soon as we are in the car.