Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bela's Recent Stint as a Flower Girl

Yesterday, we attended the wedding of our dear friend Jeff and Abe (I love the Bridal Jewelry that the bride is wearing by the way). Hubby took a lot of pictures and I will post it soon but I will have to make a separate post about it as I would like to share here first how proud I am for my Bela who is one of the flower girls for the wedding yesterday.

Bela was really excited when I told her that she will be one of the flower girls for her Ninong Jeff’s wedding. I explained to her what she has to do and we even practice how she will carry the flowers and shower the aisle with the rose petals.

The entourage was asked to be at the hotel by 4:30 PM for the pictorial even though the wedding is still at 7:30 PM so I was kind of worried that Bela might throw tantrums already. But I was wrong as she followed what we thought her when it is finally time for her to walk down the aisle. She led the other younger flower girls too. She was walking so fast at first but my mom was able to whisper to her ear as she walks and so she followed and walked slowly as she showers the aisle with roses.

Before she started walking, she whispered to me “Mom, this is going to be a long way” as she noticed that the aisle was really long. But I told her that it is good because it means the crowd can see her pretty face longer and her dad can take more pictures.

She was really all smiles when she reached the end of the aisle and she was guided by the usherette to her seat. I am sure she really had fun in playing the role of the flower girl. I can’t wait for her next, flower girl stint. LOL.