Monday, January 31, 2011

The Yellow Letter from Teacher

I got a love letter from Bela’s teacher for a PTC schedule. I got really scared upon seeing the yellow letter as it is the first time for me to receive one so I have to ask my mom to accompany me for the PTC. I was even twitting non stop the day before that to share with my friends my fear as I really don’t know what to expect.

The meeting was held on my birthday, January 19, so I was really hoping that it is nothing serious so it will be the perfect birthday gift for me. According to teacher, the reason why she requested to meet with me is to discuss Bela’s progress in Math as her grades went down a little. Well actually, Bela understands the different concepts but the problem is with her writing as she still can’t write 9, 7, 6 in the correct manner like she writes 9 with the circle facing right, etc. And according to teacher, they expect their students to know how to write the numbers correctly so even if Bela wrote the correct answer, it is still considered wrong as it is not written in the correct manner. Teacher just requested that we practice Bela’s fine motor skills at home to help her develop her writing.

I was really glad that it is really nothing serious and teacher even told us not to pressure Bela so much. I was just smiling after the PTC and I reminded myself that next time, I should not worry too much and I should have more confidence with Bela.

I am sure every mother is just like me. I know that even if Bela is a teenager already and she will start to receive strawberry bouquet from her suitors, I will never stop worrying for her or maybe, the more I will worry for her. LOL.

But I guess no matter how many years fly, she will always be our baby, our princess and as her mom, I will never stop worrying for her. This is one of the ways I express my love for my baby.