Monday, May 02, 2011

The Countdown is On

Bela is just so excited for our upcoming US vacation. Every night she will ask me how many more days left before we finally leave and she always complains every time I answer her as we started counting 3 months ago so she has been waiting for a long time already.

But we will be leaving this Saturday and so Bela can’t hide her excitement every time I tell her that we will be boarding the plane in just a couple of days. She even finds it hard to sleep at night, probably because she is already imagining about our trip. I showed her pictures from the website of our places of destination that’s why so she can’t hide the fact that she is just so excited to be really there.

This is the first time that Howell and I will be traveling with our kids to the US. God has been really good to us as we never really thought that this dream of ours to bring our kids to the US will finally have a realization.

But as much as I wanted to feel excited for this trip, I still have a lot of things to finish before I take a leave from work. I might even need 7 second eye lift to hide those dark circles around my eyes as for sure I will be working late everyday before our flight on Saturday.

But I am happy still because just a few more sacrifice and then I am off for a three-week quality time with my family and my mom.