Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wish List: Exchange Gift 2011

I have just finished writing about a product review for the best eyelash growth product and I still have a lot in my lineup for articles that I need to do tonight. But I know the mommy of Bela for the Kris Kringle is already waiting for her wish list so I have to take a break from work and write this blog post for Bela’s wish list.

We went to SM yesterday before her birthday dinner, as we have to take her to the toy store so she can choose her birthday gift. I brought her to the Little Pony section, which is one of her favorite toys and showed her the different items on sale. She actually like this one already for her birthday gift but I told her that we will just ask her mommy for the Kris Kringle to buy this for her:

Bela's wishlist: Para sa mommy ni Bela. Update ko mamaya ung sa Drawnames na wishlist

So this is her one and only item in her wish list. This is currently on sale in any Toy Kingdom, Toys R’ Us and SM stores, just the right amount for our Kris Kringle budget.