Sunday, November 06, 2011

ToT 2011

Before I look for Janitor Jobs to help my friend, let me make a post here first about Bela and Cobi’s Trick or Treat experience last October 30 at Boni High Street.

I was happy that hubby decided to leave for Bicol on the 31st instead of during the weekend as what he did last year, which is why we were not able to attend any Trick or Treat event last year. So when I learned that we have the weekend to attend ToT events, I started looking for events in hotels and malls that we can attend.

Most of the events at the mall were finished already and so I have no options left but to avail of the buffet lunch in the hotel to attend their ToT event. Thankfully, my good friend Mai told me about the event in Boni High Street and we only need to have P500 purchase from any of the Boni High Street merchants to join their ToT event.

Trick or TreatToT @ Boni High StreetWaiting in Line: @ the Registration BoothToT 2011

So we were at Boni High early (around 1:30 PM) so we can do some shopping first and as expected we went Hobbes and Landes, Bela & hubby’s favorite store. When we were done shopping, people are starting to line up already even if it is only 2 PM and registration won’t start until 3 PM. So we lined up as soon as we saw the queue.

It actually started to rain while we were in line that hubby wants to go home already but of course we stayed, as that is what the kids wanted. After waiting for an hour, we were finally able to register and get our loots. Bela and Cobi got lots of loots from the registration booth alone.

We then went around the different participating stores where the kids got more treats and candies. Bela had so much fun.

Merienda/Dinner @ TGIFW/ Sam & Jacqui @ TGIF after the ToT

After trick or treating, we met up with Jacqui and her kids to have snack at Friday’s.