Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Doing Her Enopi Worksheet

Before I look for information on the net about apidexin, let me just post this video first of Bela while she was doing one of her Enopi worksheets in Math.

Her summer class ended last May 15 and we decided that we will not enroll her for the Enopi program from May 15 to June so at least she has a few more weeks to stay at home and relax before the opening of the school this coming June 15. But since she still have a number of worksheets left from Enopi because she was absent for four days when she got sick, they just allowed us to bring it home and Bela can just answer it at home.

Her lola was the one helping Bela with the worksheets and he even requested her dad to take her video and pictures while she is doing the worksheets. Their Enopi program is so advance and I must say that it is really a big influence on Bela to learn how to write that is why I will let Bela continue with this program for the School year 2010-2011.