Thursday, August 09, 2012

Opening of Buwan ng Wika @ SSC

Last Monday was the opening of the Filipino Month in Bela’s school. They were asked to come in their Filipiniana costume and this is what she wore:

I have blogged about this a few days ago but I did not post the picture. This was the costume (or should I say terno gown?) that I bought in Quiapo. This was actually the 2nd costume that I bought as we were able to buy a traditional Filipiniana dress already in one of the stores. I was looking for a Maria Clara costume in the second store that we checked and this gown was what I saw.
I was actually having second thoughts if I should get it or not because I was thinking if this gown would not be over acting for a simple program in school but my mom said that it would look OA if I were the one whose going to wear it. LOL. And my mom was right as my fashionista friends approved it when I posted it in Instagram.

Bela look really cute in the gown. She told me that she was shy to wear it when I brought her to school last Monday but was really happy when she reached home because she said that all her classmates love her dress.