Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Swimmer

Look at how good Bela is with swimming:

Push and Glide

This is the push and glide stroke that Bela’s coach thought her last week. She is so good now; she even swims better than her dad or me.

We plan to enroll her to swimming as long as she likes. Her dad’s dream is that someday, she will be so good that she can be a varsity in her school.

Swimming is good for her so she will stay fit. At least when she grows up, she might not need to read about appexit reviews. LOL. Not like me who needs to go on a diet to lose those unwanted fats. LOL.

We are happy that she enjoys being in the water. She is so confident that we can even let her swim on her own. Last week, they are already learning how to do the freestyle and backstroke and my husband and I can’t wait to see her do those strokes smoothly. I am sure in just a few more days, she will be a better swimmer than us.