Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bela's Moving Up Day

From Cowboy Hats, grass skirt, monkey tail, teacup and more. These are just some of the props that I prepared and bought for Bela for the various activities and programs that she had during her Jr. Prep and Sr. Prep days in St Scholastica. And yesterday, she had her Moving Up Ceremony and now I officially have a future grade schooler.

I can’t believe how time flies. I remember when she was still in her Jr. Prep. I took a leave from work so I can be with her on her first week in big school. I was even worried at first if she is really ready for big school set up already so I was really happy when I realized that she is enjoying school.

My future gradeschoolerAyaw pag dikitin ang lips, mabubura daw lipstick nya. HeheSSC's Prep Moving Up Day CeremonyReceiving her certificateCan't be any prouder

During the Moving Up Day ceremony, a special AVP was presented entitled “The Year That Was: The ABCs of Prep” which showed pictures and videos of the various activities of the Jr. and Sr. Prep students. Bela even had a special part when she made an introduction for the letter “W” which was all about the “World of Words we know” and I was teary eyed after watching the AVP.

I can’t be any prouder!! Congrats again to our pretty princess!!