Friday, September 30, 2011

New Discovery for my Citibank Credit Cards

I was so surprised when I went to Bela’s school to pay for her tuition fee because it is only now that I found out that I can use my citibank credit cards to pay for her tuition fee.

Well using my credit card to pay for her tuition fee has a lot of advantages:

1. Instead of paying right away for the tuition, I can use the cash that I have for other important things like pay for the electricity bills, shop for our grocery supplies and more as I still have more than a month before my credit cards are due.
2. I can also avail of the best credit card deals like I can earn bonus points, mileage, freebies and more if I use my card.
3. If I don’t have the money to pay for Bela’s tuition in full, I can use my credit card to pay for it and apply for deferred payment so I can pay for Bela’s tuition fee in small monthly installments which will be easier for us financially.

Now I am happy that I go though the whole credit card application as I was able to make good use of my credit card instead of just using it all the time for shopping. LOL.