Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get health of your infant insured within your means

The cost of health insurance is a great concern for every people. Buying a health insurance for your child is very important, as your child has a high risk of getting injured while they are playing or doing their daily activities. Try to follow some key information that will help you buy a suitable child health insurance policy at an affordable rate.

Tips to buy an affordable child health insurance policy

Read on to know the tips and tricks to buy a suitable child health insurance policy at an affordable rate.

Include your infant in your health insurance coverage:

You should know that you’re unable to buy a health insurance for your child before your baby is born. When you’ll buy a health insurance policy for yourself, you should check whether or not it will cover your new born baby for one month along with you. This additional month of coverage will provide you with enough time to search carefully an affordable child health insurance plan that will suit the needs of your new born baby.

Know the exact time to buy the insurance:

The monthly premium rates of your child health insurance policy will be higher till your baby is one year old. Hence, before you renew your child health insurance plans, you’ve to make sure that your child is over one year old. Suppose, if your child is born on 10th February and you purchase a health insurance policy for him/her on 25th February, then his/her health insurance anniversary month is February. You’ve to renew the policy on 1st February when your child will be few days less than one year and pay the same high monthly premiums for another consecutive year. You can avoid paying such higher premiums if you buy the suitable health insurance policy after one month of your child’s birth.

Try to get checkup at regular intervals:

Like a good mother, you should plan a proper health care schedule for your baby at its tender age. Try to contact a good pediatrician and visit him for regular check-ups of your baby. Try to select a health insurance policy that will cover the cost of the vaccines prescribed by the pediatric required to immune your baby.

Select a high deductible:

Try to select a plan that has a high deductible for brand name prescription drug. This will help you save money when your baby will require such costly brand name prescribed medications.

Opt for government’s child health insurance plan:

If you’re too poor to afford health insurance for your child, then you can opt for some health insurance plans provided by the government. This will cover the cost of minor diseases and few vaccines required for your new born.

It is advisable to every mother that you should buy health insurance for your child as he/she is prone to many diseases at his/her tender age. Before you buy it, you should check every terms and conditions on the policy that you’ll choose for your infant. Try to follow the above mentioned tips that will ensure your baby’s health at an affordable rate.