Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her First Time in Resorts World

Last February 5, we attended Gab’s 2nd birthday in Hospicio de San Jose. Since we were already late for Bela’s swimming class after the party, we just decided to go to the mall and we all agreed that it is the perfect time to check out Resorts World.

After stopping several times to ask for directions, we were finally able to reach New Port mall. Bela was really excited as she noticed that she hasn’t been to this mall so we jump out of the car as soon as we found the perfect parking spot to enjoy the mall. And we were so lucky since we are just in time for the Lion Dance show:

Bela got a bit scared when she first saw the lion dancers but then she started playing and dancing with them when she saw the other kids going near the lion dancers. Just look at some of her pictures:

After the show, we explored the mall to check out the stores housed in the new mall but since it is just small, we were able to go around in less than 1 hour. So we just went back to the ground floor, near the stage, as there are a lot of kids playing in that area and Bela joined them.

Bela really had so much fun on her first time to the New Port Mall in Resorts World.