Friday, February 18, 2011

Conversations with Bela: On our Vacation & Her Lolo

My dad won’t be coming with us for our US trip this coming May. I really, really would have wanted him to come but due to budget constraints, I only have to choose between him and my mom. My dad was an overseas worker before and he has travelled the globe so he happily gave way for my mom (in exchange for men's rings that we promised to buy for him as our gift for him.LOL).

Bela questioned me right away as soon as she found out that her lolo is not coming. I told her that her lolo has to guard our house. She accepted it at first but then I don’t know why for some reason, she was crying the other night when she asked me about it again.

Bela: “Why is lolo not coming?”
Me: “Because somebody has to take care of the house.”
Bela: “But I will miss him.
Me: “That’s okay. Our vacation is just short. We will be gone for only 23 days.”
Bela: “23 days? That’s too long. I will miss lolo.”
Me: “But I have no money to pay for lolo’s ticket."
Bela: “But you are working, right? Why don’t you work some more so you can earn money to buy lolo's ticket. I will have a bad vacation without lolo.”

If only it will be that easy. Don’t worry Bela, hopefully mom will be able to save so we can have a vacation with lolo soon.