Thursday, February 17, 2011

Multiplied, Not Divided

We went to SM San Lazaro to have our pictures taken for our Canadian visa application and while waiting for our pictures to be printed, we went to Home World to check out some of their furniture (well, it was actually to canvass prices of furniture as I really don’t have an idea now on how much they cost).

Bela was playing around while waiting for us and she saw this mirror and she gladly poses while I take her picture.

When I showed the pictures to her, she told me:

Bela: “Oh mom, two of me is double trouble.”

I don’t know where she got this word and I am not sure if she completely understands what she is talking about. LOL. But I told her that two of her is not double trouble but double happiness. And that is just true as she is our source of happiness, our inspiration. And though she has a baby brother already, she will always be our princess. As what my friend Jody always say, when you have two kids, your love for them will not be divided but instead will be multiplied.