Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kumon Updates: After 3 weeks

Before I read about adapexin p reviews, let me post here first updates about Bela’s Kumon class. She started last February 1 and after attending two sessions, her Teacher, Teacher Jie, updated me and told me that Bela already knows the routine even only after two sessions. She knows how to follow instructions and she can actually read 3-4 letter words although she syllabicates the letters first before she can read the whole word.

I think she is at level 6 now, which can be completed in a month, but I got a call from Teacher Jie again yesterday to inform me that Bela is finish with her starting level and she will move to the next level already starting next session. The next level will be for a two month period but if Bela is persistent, she can finish it again before two months.

Bela brought home a book last week and I was really surprised that she is more confident in reading now that she was able to read the book (out loud) all by herself. By October, she will start with reading and comprehension for Grade 1 level already so hubby is no longer worried that Bela might be left behind in terms of reading by her classmates.

We can enrol her to a second program (Math) by August so now we are thinking that it can be a great program for her too. Kumon program can be completed in 3 years so now that the workload in school is still not that demanding, we think that this is the best time for Bela to take classes like this before she enters the more stressful grade school or high school life.