Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shopping for Big School

I was suppose to look for plus size lingerie as a gift for the bridal shower that we will be attending this weekend but Bela won’t stop bugging me unless we find a Littlest Petshop bag.

She saw her Tito Jego and Tita Aliah browsing the net to look for schools bags since school is opening soon and she can’t wait for her turn to choose her own bag. But she is definite that she wants a Littlest Petshop bag since I already ordered a Littlest Petshop thermos drinking bottle for her. But I searched from all the possible online shopping sites that I know and did not find any Littlest Petshop bag.

Luckily, I discovered Skip Hop after seeing it from a multiply seller. They have a cute Zoo Packs Backpacks and Zoo Lunchies Lunch Bags. I showed it to Bela and she was ignoring it at first because she is definite that she wants a Littlest Petshop bag. But with a little convincing, I get her to say yes and she chose these for her bag and lunch pack:

I am sure she will be excited to use this on her first day of school.


CHAT said...

hi abie, which multiply were you able to see this? is it on-hand na? thanks!