Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Milestone

Before I look for the best acne treatments, let me post here first some recent updates on Bela.

If you remember, a few months back that we have been struggling to teach Bela how to write. Writing is really something that Bela hates doing and it will really need a lot of convincing before we can ask her to write even just one letter every time she does her writing assignments. It was also noted by the Admissions Officer of St. Scholastica as they noticed how much Bela struggled with her writing when she had her entrance exam there. We were even warned that we should really train her before June so she won’t have a hard time coping in Jr. Prep.

We enrolled her to the Magic Strokes class this summer at her school and she is also enrolled since February in the Enopi (Math & English) program. Since then, we really noticed a big improvement on Bela. She can now write the letters and numbers even without the tracing lines. She even loves doing her assignment in Enopi and we even have to beg her to stop and remind her that it is already time to go to sleep. She also loves coloring, drawing, and doing artwork. Just look at her recent at project:

She asked her Tita Iah to draw June and her dad to draw Leo of the Little Einsteins and she colored the two drawings in one sitting. At least now, my worries on her big adjustment to big school have been lessened because of this latest improvement.