Monday, May 31, 2010

Bela @ ER

We brought Bela to the Emergency Room last night. Since last Friday, we noticed that she has red spots on her cheeks and rashes on her arms. We just gave her Loraped (anti histamine medicine prescribed by her Developmental Pedia) and the rashes went away. But then the next day, the rashes on her arms are back again and so we gave her 5 ml of Loraped and the rashes disappeared again.

Howell and I got alarmed yesterday because we noticed that she have rashes on her back, arms and her legs are so red already that we decided to go to the Emergency room. We checked and she has no fever so we got a little peace of mind that at least it is not measles.

We told Bela that we will go to the hospital so the doctors can check on her and her first answer was “Mom, no injection please.” The last time we brought her to the hospital was when she had high grade fever and they have to conduct CBC and other laboratory exams that is why she is really scared when she saw the Emergency Room again. She kept on telling the nurses and the doctors that she doesn’t want injection and she only wants to ask the doctor why she is turning red.

Good thing the rashes and the redness subside again when we are at the Emergency Room and so the doctor just prescribed Loraped and advised us to give to her consistently for 5 days.

I will bring her in for check up also to her Developmental Pedia just to be sure…