Monday, May 31, 2010

She Loves the Beach

Bela: “Mom, I did not go to the beach today.” (What she means is that she was not able to go to the beach this summer).

I actually am thinking if I can still manage to travel now that I am already 8th month pregnant so we can give Bela her wish to go to the beach. But I find it really difficult already as my tummy is getting heavy and I find it hard (and sometimes even painful) to walk or move or do anything.

So I just promised Bela that I will read lipofuze reviews as early as now so I will know what pills to take to help me loose weight fast so we can hit the beach soon after I give birth. She actually like the idea especially when I told her that it will be more fun since her baby brother will be with us for this trip and so she can build sand castles and enjoy the beach with her baby brother.

I actually am dreaming of going to Cebu or Bohol. I will start saving up for this trip as I really wanted to visit the beach when our baby boy is already big enough to travel. Hopefully by December of this year or January 2011.