Monday, May 31, 2010

6th Swimming Session with Aqualogic

Before I look for information about 7-dfbx, let me post here first the video of Bela during her sixth swimming session with Aqualogic:

Bela is the one wearing the orange rash guard and is wearing the white swimming cap. She is the one sitting on the mat first while waiting for her turn to jump.

This is one of her favorite activities during class. I was really amazed at how brave she is and is not like me when I was a kid when I was really scared of the water. LOL. And only after six sessions, they were able to teach Bela how to swim. See how she can float and swim. At first I thought that they were holding her hands and is pulling her that is why she was able to swim but I was surprised when I realized that Bela is swimming all by herself.

But she still has to learn how to do the breathing and they are having a hard time teaching her the back stroke as Bela finds it ticklish every time she has to lie on her back to do the backstroke.

They will have a Saturday class this coming June at Colegio San Agustin and we are planning to let her continue with Aqualogic’s Advance Swimming program.