Monday, May 31, 2010

Enrolled: St. Scholastica It Is

Last May 17 was the enrollment for incoming Prep students at St. Scholastica. I was not able to file a leave from work so my mom was the one who enrolled Bela. I was actually planning to enroll Bela myself as I wanted to inquire in the admin office if they allow food franchise in their cafeteria as I read about best franchise opportunities and hubby and I are considering getting any of the food franchise that we think is suitable in a school environment.

My mom said that it was just a fast procedure as everything was organized. They were also able to buy for Bela’s school supplies already as it is available in the bookstore. My mom was hesitant to buy it there as she is thinking that it will be cheaper in National Bookstore but I told her that it is already crowded at National Bookstore and I don’t have time to go shopping already so it would be better if she buy all of Bela’s stuff there.

A seamstress is also present during the enrollment and they took Bela’s measurements already and we can get the uniform on June 2.

I can’t believe that my baby is now in Kinder already. I can’t help but feel scared for her as I know that big school is a different setup and I am really hoping that she can really cope up. Hope there are no bullies there who will bully by baby.

Bela is really excited as she likes the environment of St. Scholastica when we went there several times when we inquired and when she took the exam. I just really hope that we really made a good decision in choosing St. Scho for Bela’s school.