Sunday, May 02, 2010

For Their Future

Bela is really going to be an ate soon. I am already on my 7th month of pregnancy which means that in a couple of months, Bela will see her baby brother.

Howell and I are so excited and so is the rest of our family for the coming of our baby boy. Now that our family is growing, hubby and I sat down one afternoon and discuss the future of our kids.

We should not only rely on our work but we should also have other investments to save for the future of our kids. We have been reading the site United States Gold Bureau where we learn a lot about gold investments. After browsing their site, we are now considering to buy gold coins.

Gold is a very good investment since it doesn’t depreciate in time so it is a very stable investment. Also, it can be easily stored in a safe at home or in a bank since it only requires a small space. It is also widely accepted so we can easily convert it to cash.

The future of our kids will always be our top priority and with gold investment, we can never go wrong.