Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sick bela

Bela was sick last week. She has high grade fever since Tuesday but then it was on-off and her temperature is ranging from 36-39 the next day. We brought her to her pediatrician on Thursday since it has been days already and she still has on-off fever even after taking her medicines.

Her fever spike to 40 C Thursday evening and we panicked and we decided to bring her to the emergency room. They conducted urinalysis and blood test (CBC) for her so they can find out what’s causing the fever. We got the results the next day and her pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic as Bela have infection as seen on her blood exam.

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Thank goodness Bela is doing okay now. She has no fever since Sunday so looks like the antibiotics is working. She really loose weight but at least her appetite is back now and she is back to being the active and talkative kid that we know. I hope and pray that nothing like this will ever happen to our dear princess again.