Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bela and the Polar Bears

I can’t stop laughing so before I continue reading about colon cleansing products, I just have to share this funny moment that I had with Bela this morning.

She has the “I wonder why” series books and she asked me to read the book on questions and answers about extinct and endangered animals. I was reading to her about the polar bears and explained to her why polar bears might become extinct too someday.

Me: “Polar bears used to be hunted for their fur. That’s stopped now and the biggest threat to them is the planet overheating due to pollution in the air. If the Arctic melts, the bears won’t be able to roam freely in search of food.”

Bela: “I don’t want polar bears to die mom.”

Me: “So you should take care of planet earth. Don’t throw trash so planet earth won’t be polluted and polar bears won’t die.”

After reading the book:

Me: “Put the book back in the bookshelf so we won’t make any mess and planet earth won’t be polluted.”

But Bela doesn’t want to put the book back as she wants to continue playing right away after I read to her the book and so she reasoned out:

Bela: “Excuse mom, we don’t live in the Arctic.”

Me: “But we live in planet earth and if we pollute planet earth, then the Arctic will become dirty too as the Arctic is in planet earth also.”

Bela: “But we are far, far away from the polar bears.”

Me: “Even so. We live in the same planet and if you don’t learn how to pack away, you will destroy planet earth and Arctic will be destroyed too so polar bears won’t have a place to live and they will die.”

Bela did not answer back but I guess she got my point since she packed away her books and her toys after playing with it.