Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Ate Bela

I was checking out our online photo album in Flickr and I saw this picture of me with Bela (gosh I really gained a lot of weight already that I will surely need diet pills that really work after I give birth). It just makes me feel sentimental because I can really see how fast time flies and how my baby Bela is growing up so fast.

Soon she will become an ate and as early as now, she is already making plans for her baby brother. She said that she will buy her baby brother a baby rattle. Every time we are at the mall, she will get baby toys and will ask me to buy it for her baby brother. When I did some online shopping, she helped me choose the clothes that I will be buying for her baby brother. Every night she will read stories to her baby brother. She loves to read the book “Oh Baby, oh Baby” by Dr. Seuss as it is one of her favorites too.

I am really hoping that she will not have a hard time adjusting to the new setup when her baby brother arrives. I have been asking for tips from my friends on how they prepared their first born for the coming of the second baby. But Bela is one sweet little girl and I am sure she will be the sweetest and the best ate to her baby brother.